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Scene: Cafe

Mitsuru: Tsukasa-chan, good news! I asked the person near the register, and they said we could try it! Here you go. ☆

Tsukasa: Wah! Mitsuru-kun, when did you...?
Mhm. Just as you reported, there are constellations drawn on the side of this sphere. I was born on April 6th, so that makes me an Aries, yes?
There is something resembling a Coin slot above the constellation, so I suppose I can put change inside. There... ☆
Guh... gah! Mmph! It won't go in! There's a tiny bit left sticking out. I shall try to force the rest in with a bit of pressure!

Yuuta: If you put too much pressure on it, it'll break, you know? Given the coin slot's size, maybe what it needs is a 100-yen coin, not a 500-yen one.
I'm a Pisces, so I'll put a coin there... ah. The roulette wheel spun, and I got a fortune!
It's... "Great Luck!" ♪ "You will be successful in every venture you undertake."

Mitsuru: I'm gonna try, too! Oh, the wheel started turn-turn-turning once I put in some money! Ahaha, this is funny! ☆
Caught it! Mine's "Great Luck," just like Yuu-chan's. "You will be successful in matters of money" is written on it. Wow! Spot on!

Tsukasa: Now then, I shall put in 100 yen as well... hehe. I do wonder if I'll get "Great Luck," as you two did. I'm excited. ♪
Wh-- "Little Luck!?" Why am I the only one to receive "Little Luck!?"
Guhhh... this machine must be looking down on me, if I am the only one to receive a poor result...! Fine, then! I shall insert as much money as need be until I receive "Great Luck!"
Gaaah! "Little Luck" again! And next... "Medium Luck!" I can almost taste it, the "Great Luck!" So next must surely be... "Little Luck!?" Why this!? I am so vexed...!

Mitsuru: Tsukasa-chan, you're being too stubborn! If you put in too much money, you'll go broke!
There's a ton of fortunes spread out all over the table, too. Tsukasa-chan, give it a rest, okay?

Tsukasa: I-I understand. I know it would be better to stop now, but... I shall make this the last one. Could I please ask you to close your eyes?

Yuuta: Make sure this is really the last one, alright?
But seriously, Tsukasa-kun is pretty bull-headed, huh. I didn't know that!

Tsukasa: No, you see -- I usually behave more Elegantly than this!
I wonder if I should say I'm simply in a bad mood today... b-but, anyway! It's not what you think!
Ahh, I hardly mean to say my mood has worsened since going out with you two! I grew irritated, thinking that this machine believed itself to be above me...
Hm? "Great Luck?"
Excellent... ☆ My hard work has finally paid off. It is all the more rewarding to receive "Great Luck" at the end of a long and hard journey.
I see... "This great luck shall see your health rapidly improve."
Hm... the fortune itself is rather plain...
No, that is what health is! It should be fine if I bring this fortune home with me, yes?
Then I shall bring it with me and make sure it does not get mixed into the other fortunes. ♪

Mitsuru: Ah, looks like our orders have arrived! But there's no parfaits. I wonder why?
Hmm... it's going to take a while for them to make all of the parfaits. They decided to bring out the coffee and curry rice ahead of time.
Tsukasa-chan, do you mind if we eat first?

Tsukasa: Please, go ahead. Rather, it would pain me to see everyone else held up for my sake. Please do dig in. ♪

Yuuta: Then, I'm gonna go ahead... yeah, it's great! It's pretty spicy. I could eat a hundred bowls!
Going with curry was the right choice. I'll have to try the other dishes later.
There's a bunch of sweet stuff, too, so I bet I could invite my big brother here.
There's not a lot of restaurants that can do spicy and sweet dishes well. We might've struck gold, here. ♪

Mitsuru: Mm? Mmph...? Mm, hmm, mmph...?

Yuuta: Mitsuru-kun, you're making a weird face at your coffee cup. Did something get in it? I can get them to get you a second cup.

Mitsuru: Yuu-chan, this is weird! It's called "Wiener Coffee," but there's not a single hot dog in this!
Is this white bubble a hot dog...? Or maybe it's at the bottom?
I'll see what I can find by taking a sip...
Ouch, I burned my tongue! W-water!
Aw... that was awful. There weren't any hot dogs in the cup. I feel cheated...
Mm? Tsukasa-chan, why are you tilting your head like that?

Tsukasa: I've never heard of a Wiener being in Coffee before.
The name originally comes from the capital of Austria, Vienna, or so I was told, but...
This Coffee-like substance, covered in Whipped Cream... in Japan, it is called Wiener... e-er, wiener coffee*, yes?
Tenma-kun, you must've just imagined that this w-wiener coffee* would've had a hot dog in it because of the name.
I'm sure this is due to your lack of familiarity with it.

Mitsuru: I didn't know that! I learned something! Tsukasa-chan, you're so educated! I respect you. ☆
I'm sad there's no hot dogs in it, but adding the cream sure makes it look good.
I'm gonna stir it 'round and 'round with this spoon! Ahaha, I made whirlpools. Whirlpools! ☆

Mitsuru: Gulp... it's bitter!
Pf-- pfft! It's really bitter! Is coffee really this bitter?
Yuu-chan, let me have some of your curry! I need to get this taste out of my mouth! There's this weird flavour I've never tasted before!

Yuuta: I don't mind, but it was made to my tastes, so it's pretty spicy, alright?

Mitsuru: Even something spicy would be better, if it got rid of this taste! Blegh!
... spicy?! I can't tell if what I'm tasting is spicy or bitter! Ugh... I'm going to drink some water. Gulp, gulp.
Good! Water's so good! I'm amazed! I don't need that wiener coffee any more. I'll take water!

Tsukasa: I should have warned you that there would be no wieners in your wiener coffee. Please forgive me, Tenma-kun.

Mitsuru: No, I'm the one who figured it was like that. It's my fault, so don't apologise, 'kay?
Sniff, sniff. I smell something sweet?
Tsukasa-chan, I think the parfaits you ordered are ready! That sweet smell wafting this way is making me feel better all over again! ♪

* -- Tsukasa repeating the words in Japanese. See previous translation notes in Chapter 3.


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