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If Knights Killers Had a Christmas Party...

Kurou: Hm. All the prep work should be done now. I wonder if they'll show before the food cools off.

Eichi: -- hey! I kept you waiting, didn't I?

Kurou: Yo! Tsukinaga and Nito haven't showed yet, so you're fine.

Eichi: Wow! This is really something. There's a lot of food; can we really eat it all?

Kurou: You can take it home if there's any left over. It's fine.

Eichi: Is that so? Then I feel better. Still, it seems like Tsukinaga-kun and Nito-kun are really late... did something happen?

Kurou: Yeah. About that--


Kurou: (Oh!)

Leo: Ucchu-- hahahaha!

Nazuna: I told you to wait up!

Eichi: They came because we talked about them, huh?*
Merry Christmas. Speak of the devil, and he'll somehow appear, won't he?
Is that there why you two were late?

Leo: Hey, look at this! I'm a reindeer! Hahaha, it suits me, right!

Kurou: Yeah, it does, Tsukinaga. Nito, your Santa costume suits you too.

Nazuna: T-thanks. Phew... I'm tired.

Eichi: Are you alright? Here, drink some water and catch your breath.

Leo/Nazuna: Ohhhh!

Leo: There's a ton of great-looking food! Can I have some?

Kurou: I'll bring it to you, so just sit down.

Leo: Sure!
Haha, oh -- give me more!

Kurou: Fine. Nito, sorry, but would you mind bringing everybody some drinks?

Nazuna: Haah... fine, I will. Do you guys want anything?

Kurou: No, I'm good with anything. Tenshouin, Tsukinaga?

Eichi: Ah -- if possible, I'd like something bitter.

Leo: (mouth full) I'm good with anything!

Kurou: Here -- (struggling) Tsu-ki-na-ga! (sets Leo's cup down)

Leo: (laughs)
It's that terrible tea.

Kurou: Here -- it's the bitter tea my sister likes.

Leo: Bitter?

Kurou: Take it. 

Leo: I'll drink it!
It seems... g-good... mm... (drinks)

Eichi: Tsukinaga-kun!?

Leo: (begins to choke)

Nazuna: This is bad! [...] What kind of dwink is that!?*

Kurou: It's because you tried to rush it. Here.

Leo: Mm... hrgh... agh! I thought I was going to die!

Eichi: Geez... you need to take things a bit more calmly.
It certainly is delicious, though.

Kurou: You drank it like it's nothing, huh? I'm just checking in, but it wasn't too hard on you, was it?*

Eichi: I'm fine. Thank you. 

Leo: Hey, hey! After we're done eating, let's play a game!

Nazuna: A game? Like cards?

Leo: NO! King's Game! (Ou-sama Game)

Kurou: How'd you go from cards to King's Game?

Eichi: Mm, I like that. I don't really get it, but I like the name. Let's try it.

Kurou: Should we really? Fine. I don't care.

Nazuna: I'm good at commentary, so I'll commentate!

Leo: Now that that's decided, let's eat! (starts eating)

Kurou: It's fine to eat fast, but savour the flavour, at least. You're being rude to the food.

Nazuna: This is fine once in a while, I think.

Eichi: Yeah. This atmosphere is very comfortable. I'm so glad I was in good health today. Hehe, I had a good time.

* - Lines may be inaccurate or need further clarification.
** - VAs used a dummy head to record the skit, so members struggled at various times to interact or speak clearly (i.e., Kurou stumbled when trying to give Leo his tea cup.)


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