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Scene: Quarrel Festival's Food Stall Market

Souma: Anzu-dono! Thank you for buying me festival fare! I am truly in your debt. ♪
Munch, munch. It's good, though it features a taste I do not know. Is this what sauce tastes like? Hm...
Woah!? You mustn't touch me so readily, Anzu-dono! They say if a man and woman are within 7 years of each other's age, they shouldn't get too close! And yet you've been so careless as to draw close to me...!?
Hm, I have some sauce around my mouth? You've taken care of it for me? I thank you!
Yes, yes. Anzu-dono, you are a woman of much care and attentiveness...
Anzu-dono! Y-you mustn't put your skin on display like that!
Huh, "it's hot?" This is true. It is the perfect season for this stifling hot air, isn't it?
But you mustn't, you mustn't! Not in public, you understand?
Anzu-dono, is it possible you've lost some of your femininity, spending your time at Yumenosaki Academy, surrounded mostly by men...?
Ow, ow! Please don't throw water balloons at me! It truly hurts!
I am very sorry. Were you worried about that...? Shall I? Shall I cut out my stomach to make this better?
How about tying up your hair, Anzu-dono? During heatwaves, I often do the very same.
Therefore, you mustn't roll up the sleeves of your yukata! It's immodest!
Well, it certainly has become humid and sweltering... I had the idea to put on this outfit in a cold room, so even if it gets hot, I am not bothered.
Although truthfully, I believe it would be fine to change into a sports jersey...
By the time you managed to change, the stalls would have closed down, and you would only be left with regrets. One is caught between a rock and a hard place, are they not? Hmhmhm.
Ah, you think one should cut their hair if it's hot? You say it so casually, but wouldn't that be as if erasing all of the hard work you have piled up? 
Do you know what I mean, Anzu-dono? You do not? Hm...?
Hehe. Thank you for praising my hair. I never miss having it treated!
Hm, what do I use for shampoo? No, I use a substance that's been passed down through the Kanzaki house for generations: horse extract... ♪

Kurou: ... why're those two talkin' about girly stuff?

Keito: Indeed. They're, oddly enough, getting along... now that I think about it, they're classmates, aren't they. If you want to join them in their girl talk, Kiryu, you can go ahead, you know?

Kurou: Don't be stupid. That doesn't suit me. I like sewing and all, but if I had to pick, I'm way more used to manly stuff.
That's actually why this Quarrel Festival sent my blood boiling for the first time in a long time. ♪
I wonder if it's really alright to take it this easy after all that.
It looks like Kanzaki really plans to go around to all the stalls, so it's fine to think of this as a reward, right?

Keito: Yeah... the Quarrel Festival battle -- actually, the real battle at the performance hall -- Akatsuki just barely won in the end.
Akatsuki's been saved from disbandment, so honestly, all the energy's gone out of me.

Kurou: That's 'cause you were fired up the whole time. Good work. I got the crap scared outta me by all this, too. 
I even ended up worrying my sister. She held me for a long time and patted my head. ♪

Keito: That so? Well, I'm glad you and your family get along.
Still. With our victory in the Quarrel Festival, it means we've, in a sense, returned to a pre-established harmony. We can't be too careless. Even Kanzaki is going to have to get pricked with needles at some point.
But it's fine for us to enjoy ourselves as much as we like, for now. Tomorrow is a new day, and we'll have to re-double our efforts.

Keito: Truth be told... Eichi wasn't in top condition, and fine was exhausted from performing several days in a row.
On our side, we were desperate to save our unit from disappearing.
The Dreamfes was done in a Japanese-style theme, and it used traditional performance as its base... it was our home advantage. If we hadn't won, we'd be the laughingstock of the entire academy.

Keito: But it was still only by a narrow margin. They really are incredibly strong -- fine.
But for the time being, we're the ones standing at the summit of Yumenosaki Academy. I wonder if we'll be chased off tomorrow?
No, Quarrel Festival was an unofficial contest. There won't be any official record of it, and no influence on our reputation.
It's a victory in name only. Fine's ranking hasn't shifted at all.

Kurou: Ah, that's right. Next time, I want to take them on again in an official battle.
When fine is in top condition. Akatsuki is gonna win next time too, though. ♪
If you trade blows one time, you come to know each other's feelings. After this, we both better turn into worthy rivals who can give it their all.
That's what it means to be buds. It means you're good enough friends that you can fight it out and still be together.

Keito: Yeah. Let's use it as a chance to grow and head towards the future. Eichi and I, Akatsuki and fine... I feel like we can all finally move forward.


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