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Scene: Studio

Tsukasa: Narukami-senpai...! We were waiting for you. ♪

Arashi: Oh my! What a passionate hello.
I figured you and Ritsu-chan were blowing off handling the costumes to mess around, but... it looks like you're having trouble instead?

Tsukasa: Yes! Narukami-senpai, please save me! I'm being used as a makeshift blanket--
Ritsu-senpai is much stronger than I expected. I cannot escape him, and he is twisting me painfully.

Arashi: Ritsu-chan really does sleep whenever he has a free moment. He's probably only tired during the afternoon because he's awake in the middle of the night, though.
But it's after school, so he's gotta be up!
Ritsu-chan, come on. Let go of Tsukasa-chan's hand, okay?

Ritsu: Ugh, no way. Nacchan's a bully...

Arashi: Geez -- you're so bad at waking up. Ritsu-chan, you're a good boy, right? Get up. Hey, don't turn your head away!

Ritsu: You're so stubborn. I just have to let go of Suu-chan's hand, so -- there. I did it. Will you leave me alone now?

Arashi: Good boy, good boy. ♪ Now, get up, and let's work on the costumes. I told Izumi-chan to come, too, so I figured he'd be on his way, buut...
I'm worried. Should I give him a call?

Ritsu: My Suu-chan hot water bottle disappeared... I'm cold. Nacchan, take his place. *yank*

Arashi: Wha-- Ritsu-chan! Don't pull on my sleeve! What if it stretches!?

Ritsu: Don't care. *yank* *yank* ♪

Arashi: He really is strong... I'm weak, so if you keep tugging on me, I'll fall... kya!

Tsukasa: Narukami-senpai, are you alright!? You fell quite flashily.

Arashi: ... geez! Ritsu-chan, be nice! Please!
You're too old for pranks like this to be cute any more!

Tsukasa: Narukami-senpai, would you take my hand? If you fell wrong, you might not be able to help us as effectively.
Ritsu-senpai, please leave the pranks until after Norma, at the very least.

Arashi: I'm fine. Geez, I hate this... I'm all a mess. It's so embarrassing! Tsukasa-chan, forget what just happened, okay? Pretty please? Promise?

Tsukasa: Duly acknowledged. I, Suou Tsukasa, swear to never speak of what happened to another soul. ♪

Arashi: Ah, Tsukasa-chan's such a good boy. Hehe, I love honest boys... ♪

Tsukasa: P-please do not pull on my cheeks.

Arashi: Hehe, don't hold back! Let big sister spoil you as much as she wants. ♪

Tsukasa: N-no, Narukami-senpai, you're not a girl. And as far as spoiling goes, I have my lady the transfer student.

Arashi: You really like the transfer student, don't you, Tsukasa-chan?
Well, she's my little sister, so there's nooo problem with me spoiling you too, you know. Relax!

Tsukasa: B-but that's just not true!? What a bother. You're not listening to me.
Narukami-senpai, you've said you have Knights' best interests at heart, but... oh. Sena-senpai?
It is you, Sena-senpai. Why have you been watching us and not yet announced your arrival? You came to help us as well with the costumes, did you not?

Izumi: Kasa-kun, get a clue, okay? It's pretty obvious I'm trying to leave. God, you're so tactless.

Tsukasa: Forgive me. But it seems to me that you have come here to help us after all.
Ritsu-senpai has still not surrendered the costumes, so I believe we should start by taking them away from him...
Fortunately, with Sena-senpai, it's three-against-one. That should be enough to make Ritsu-senpai give in. Now then, Sena-senpai. Please assist us. ♪

Izumi: Excuse me? Trying to wake Kuma-kun up will get your arm broken.
If it's just one or two of 'em, take apart some of our other costumes and put them back together once we're done.

Arashi: Yeah. If we pull too hard, the costumes will be ruined. Let's go with Izumi-chan's idea.
And while we're at it, let's talk about the school festival. ♪

Tsukasa: Then we Knights will be participating, I see. I'm relieved. ♪

Arashi: The fashion show during Zenyasai went pretty well, don't you think?
The school festival is the main event, so we've got to do just as well... no, even better, as back then. ♪

Izumi: Right. Kuma-kun skipped out on the fashion show, didn't he?
Then he went and took part in the Spring Music Festival. I still haven't bitched at him for that, huh.

Ritsu: Snore... snore... ♪

Izumi: And NOW he's having the time of his life sleeping over there! He really pisses me off!...

Arashi: Don't get too fired up, now. It's bad for your skin.
But anyway. If we're going to take part in the school festival, we've got to decide on a performance. In Zenyasai, that was all handled by the school faculty, so it was reaaally simple.
But units participating in the school festival can petition the student council to do whatever kind of performance they want.
Like, if we wanted to do a live performance in the auditorium, we could. And other stuff!
It's totally normal for idol units to perform in the school festival, so there'll probably be a ton of applications for that.

Tsukasa: But, Narukami-senpai. Sena-senpai cannot participate in a live.
As units are obligated to perform with every member participating, would it not be difficult for us Knights to do a live?

Arashi: You nailed it, Tsukasa-chan. We, as Knights, can't hold a live. But that doesn't mean we're at a disadvantage!
Let's all put our heads together and think of a performance that'll beat the other units... ♪


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