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Scene: Quarrel Festival's Food Stall Market

Tori: Wait, Long Hair! This stage is way too narrow, so stop moving all over the place! Your hair keeps hitting me in the face!
Ugh, and this mikoshi keeps swaying! I might get sick, you know...?

Yuzuru: Bocchama, please drink this medicine for motion sickness. Look at a point far in the distance, and take deep breaths in and out... ♪

Tori: Ooh... ugh? That's fine and all, but the live's about to start. I'm tired of waiting around!
I mean, we already know what's going to happen! We members of fine always win! ♪

Keito: Oi, Himemiya. It doesn't matter to me, but where's Eichi? I can't see him, but is he here? There's no way he'd ever run away, is there?

Tori: Hehe! Of course not, vice president! There's no way the president would ever run away. He's the toughest in the world, completely unrivalled! ♪

Keito: ... did that idiot collapse again?

Tori: Huh? No! No no no, he's fine! Geez, what're you trying to say, vice president? ♪

Yuzuru: Bocchama. If you go too far, your lie will be all too obvious.
... Vice President-sama, it's as you suspect. Currently, President-sama's condition is a bit unstable. Such as it is, however, I believe he will still at least participate in the battle at the performance hall.

Tori: The president kept pushing himself and piling on the lessons, all for the sake of this Quarrel Festival.
Well, Akatsuki's got three people, and fine's ended up with three as well. Works out perfect, right?
That's what happens when people like us fight commoners. Even if they go hard right from the start, it won't matter. ♪
We'll be fine with just us in this first stage! And anyway, do you guys really have time to be worrying about us?

Keito: ... you're arrogant. Well, so be it. The one who chose this path was Eichi. No matter what the results, he reaps what he sows. I will always respect his intentions.
I won't hesitate. We three members of Akatsuki are connected by a bond thicker than blood.
The first stage is ours. If you don't want the outcome of this battle to be decided before we face off at the performance hall... I would focus, if I were you. ♪

Wataru: Hehehe, you're getting carried away by your ardour! If you don't do something, you'll be tripped up! But what a nice expression you have on. Ah, I might fall in love... ☆

Keito: ... don't say such disgusting things. You stupid clown, you're always too hard to understand.

Wataru: You flatter me! But in fact, I'd ask that you not make such light of us. Though our numbers may thin, we are still the strongest unit in Yumenosaki Academy... ☆
That's right, we are fine! I'm fine, thank you... ☆
We'll never bore you! We stake our pride on it! That goes for you, as well as our beloved audience... ☆
Now, now, ladies and gentlemen! Lords left and right! This particularly odd story, tinged with traces of summer -- the Quarrel Festival is about to begin!
Fate and destiny are intertwining. Let us go, with everyone, into a land of sudden plot twists... ♪
Your guide will be me, your Hibiki Wataru! Please, applaud for us, raise your voices as loudly as you can... ☆

Keito: ... don't just start things on your own. Kiryu, Kanzaki! Hurry up! Don't waste time!
We're going to take control of this fight! No two buts about it...!

Souma: As you say, Hasumi-dono! Kanzaki Souma has arrived! ☆
Hear, hear! What a fantastic view from on high! You can see for miles! ♪

Souma: You've been monopolosing this view, haven't you, fine! But now we are going to knock you from your station and take over!
We are Akatsuki, the red moon! We shall never be Yumenosaki Academy's sun!
Now, let us have an extraordinary battle... ☆

Kurou: You're sure fired up. Not that it's a bad thing, but be careful. The mikoshi's already started movin'.
If you fly around too much, you'll end up falling off and hurtin' yourself.

Kurou: We're headed all the way to the top, right? Kanzaki, Hasumi... if it looks like you guys're about to fall off, I'll grab you.
Now then, it's the start of all we've been waitin' for. It's a fight, a fight! Don't you go faintin' now, rich kid, and that goes for your friends too. Let's make this an explosive show... ♪

Tori: Hehe. ♪ If you mob get too excited, I'll get angry, you know! Don't get carried away and try to usurp fine's authority for yourself. ☆

Yuzuru: Oh, you've gone that far, Bocchama? Please wait -- the mikoshi has begun to sway, so be careful.

Tori: I know, I know! Don't treat me like a kid! You always do that, Yuzuru!

Yuzuru: I beg your forgiveness. If I've put you in a bad mood, please feel free to hit me at any time. ♪
I am praying that someday, just as President-sama has chosen to do, you will turn to me, your childhood friend, and stir up a quarrel.
I ask that you please growing, if that day is ever to come. ♪

Tori: Yeah, just you wait and see! I'll show you! Not that I'll forgive you if you start an uprising, alright?
Anyway! Let's get started, cattle! ☆
Make like the slaves who built the pyramids and carry our mikoshi! As payment, we'll let you listen to our beautiful voices!
You're so grateful you're crying, aren't you? But if you can't carry us right, I'll whip you! ☆

Yuzuru: This is exactly why I warned you that leaning over the edge would make you fall...
Ah, geez. You really can't be left alone, can you, Bocchama? Though I'm sure you're very fired up, trying to fill in for President-sama while he isn't here.
I'll simply have to support you. All of you, with all of my love.

Wataru: Love! How wonderful! That is the very thing that makes humanity shine brightest... ☆
People live and die for love! Myself included! It is because I risk my live for love that I am able to continue living! There is no greater happiness than this!
Are you watching, Kanata? Rei! Ah, my beloved comrades! Here in this moment, I am the happiest man alive!
Come, do not be fettered by your trifling worries! Cast them off and dance with us into the night... ☆
Life is beautiful! I shall enjoy even more of it in the future! More and more... ☆

Keito: ... what loud ingrates. I guess it's natural; this is a festival. I might as well act like an idiot and enjoy myself for once.
Eichi, hurry up. I've always wanted to fight you, too. No -- I've always wanted to laugh with you, cry with you, and enjoy our youth to the fullest.
I'm sorry for making you wait. I've finally climbed the mountain, and I see your heart for what it really is.*

* - The literal translation of this line is "I've finally arrived at your heart." The meaning appears to be close to "I finally understand you," but as this is a dramatic, poetic line, I tried to combine the two.


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