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Scene: Quarrel Festival's Food Stall Market

Souma: Hmm? Just look at how many people have gathered!
And within the teeming masses sits something peculiar -- could that be the mikoshi? Look, the top of it has been made to look like a stage!

Keito: Indeed. There's no mistaking it... it's quite flashy, isn't it. Can that thing really move?
Well, whatever. Let's hurry -- I want to say, but with these crowds, we won't be able to get very far. Make sure you don't trip or dirty your costumes.

Souma: Hasumi-dono! Shall I knock down the crowd beside us and clear a path?

Kurou: Hey, hey. Leave the wild shit for when we're up on stage. Why are you so fired up?
Must be 'cause you're young. Let's get through this as calmly as we can, alright?
But, truth be told, it's not me or Kanzaki who've gotta be careful so much as you, Hasumi-danna.
It's crazy out there. If you get pushed down by the crowds, you'll get trampled, and then you'll end up like Buddha.

Souma: Hehe. Hasumi-dono ought to do as we do and refine himself to gain more strength. ♪

Keito: I am working on getting stronger... basically. You sound like two giants who just caught a mouse and called it weak. You're both unusual, you muscle-bound freaks.
(Eichi's weak too, but from illness. He's always been called "weak" by me and the people around him. That might be why he was so upset.
Underneath it all, he's a man. I need to think about that. That's the reason he kicked up all this fuss in the first place.
I can't treat him like an idiot any more. No, but I always respected him up to this point, and was only hoping to evaluate his efforts...
He hated it. At the very least, that's what Eichi felt.
I should apologise. Even if it comes at the very end.
You can stand on your own two feet and march forward. In that case, I'll lecture you as much as it takes... to tell you not to do stupid things.
Fine. Let's fight, Eichi. Like little boys with nothing better to do.
I won't hesitate any more, and I won't fuss over you any more. We won't call each other names, we won't pretend this is a joke. We'll face off against each other with all our might.
That's what you wanted. I finally understand now.
I formed Akatsuki for the express purpose of protecting Eichi from any outside foes or enemies.
But we've fulfiled that role. It's over now. In the midst of this noisy, clamorous festival, we're unleash ourselves.
You're the type of guy who prefers exchanging blows over hugs, that's why.
Just like you, I've found something even more important. You've found it too, I bet: something that shines.
Here, in Yumenosaki Academy.
Let's show off what we've found and flaunt our pride. That's what you meant when you said we lacked "that certain something," didn't you, friend?)

Kurou: Danna, hate to interrupt you when you look so satisfied right before the live, but...
Our rehearsal ran too long and we're pushin' it in terms of time. We shouldn't be lazin' around, you know?
It'll be rough, but I'll carry you to the mikoshi.
Make sure you don't bite your tongue, at least. If you do, you won't be able to sing 'n all.
And in your case... you won't be able to lecture anybody. That'd send your stress levels through the roof, am I right?

Keito: Hm? What are you doing -- what in the world is...

Souma: Oh, what a brilliant show of skill! Naturally, Kiryu-dono, you've managed to take Hasumi-dono and fling him around as if he weighed nothing! ☆
Hehehe! I, too, have confidence in my strength, but it would be nothing in competition against Kiryu-dono... ♪

Kurou: It'd be difficult for Hasumi-dono to find a path in between the crowds. I'm doing him a little favour, so it's fine if it's flashy, y'know?
It's a festival and all. Everybody's in the same boat. ♪
You and I can just walk. Hurry up, Kanzaki. Follow me!

Souma: As you wish, Kiryu-dono. ♪
Hear, hear, lend us your ears! We are Akatsuki! We have come to rally the whole of Yumenosaki Academy to our cause!*
We'll use force if we must!* Wahahaha... ☆

Agh, I'm spinning! Just how strong are you!? This is terrifying!
It's like I'm a ball being thrown by a giant... ugh, my glasses are gonna fall off!

Kurou: Stop yelling. Focus on landing on your feet. If you can get through this, we're on to the next step.

* - Souma is shouting what appears to be a very traditional, historic call to arms associated with military reunification of Japan. Translated liberally to avoid confusion.


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