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Scene: Quarrel Festival's Food Stall Market

Souma: Oh...?
Now that I think about it, since the immediate outside of the hall is so noisy, it certainly gives off the air of a festival!
Everyone is walking around in yukata, having as much fun as they can! How exciting... ☆

Keito: Don't get carried away. Put your sword back... this is a real live festival, after all.
While there might be a lot of large-scale things that go on in the town's summer festival, it seems like they've reproduced those pretty well inside the school. They're just fake.
There's food stalls and fireworks going off, and all. It looks like Anzu gathered some of the other units to help out.
They've got some smaller-scale performances going on right outside the hall. They're pretty lively.

Souma: Oh, I see lord club president! He's part of Ryuuseitai, I believe? What are they doing? Group exercise...?
Ugh -- "Undead" is there as well! There's that amorous lech, calling out to women and children alike and trying to lure them down the path of misconduct...!

Keito: Hmph. So the plan is to have all of Yumenosaki Academy's idol groups appear at once, huh.
Anzu's connections are nothing to scoff at. This is only an informal battle, but there's already so many people.
Even though just having Akatsuki and fine battle it out would've drawn a lot more people than usual.
If she failed, there'd be a panic. Right now, we're at a point where Anzu's skills as a producer are being tested.
Hm... besides the food stalls, there's also some stalls for merchandise set up as well.

Kurou: Hmm... even though you'd expect them to be sellin' idol stuff at the summer festival anyway...
There's even a lottery for some premium goods. I wonder what distribution channels they're goin' through?
Haha. Waaay back, my little sister wanted something from one'a those stalls, and I tried to get it for her a ton of different times. I could never get it, but this kind of takes me back. ♪

Keito: Indeed... Here, in the spaces between the excited audience, our simple stage -- the mikoshi -- will travel tightly. That's the opening phase of the Quarrel Festival.
The crowds are worse than I expected. Don't get lost, Kanzaki.

Souma: Acknowledged! No, but I'm so excited. ♪ I have always danced in dedication to the gods during the summer festival, so I have never had a chance to enjoy it, you see...?
I have always longed to simply walk around and eat food from some of the stalls. Had we not prior plans to perform, I could easily see myself enjoying everything the festival has to offer. ♪

Keito: I as well. I am the son of a temple owner, after all. I have had fun managing food stalls and festival fare in the past, but...
Usually, around this time, Eichi was always sick and had to be hospitalised.
He was confined to a hospital bed, and I'd always wonder, "Can he really have fun by himself?"
... and other things like that. So I was always depressed around this time of year.
But he's gotten stronger. He's risen from the hospital bed, pushed himself too hard, stood on his own two feet... he wanted to trade blows with me in a fight. That's what he wished for.
I plan to enjoy it. Precious things shine brighter than any fireworks ever could.

Souma: Hehe. You are in quite the good mood, Hasumi-dono. I, Kanzaki Souma, shall follow you anywhere. ♪

Keito: Thank you. The school festival is going to continue even after our live is over, so why don't we look around, all of us in Akatsuki? It'd be a shame not to take the time to enjoy it.
Dancing fool, watching fool; we're all fools, so let's dance... ♪*

Kurou: I hate to be a wet blanket and all, but you guys're too excited, even Hasumi-danna. Try to focus, okay?
Did you forget? If we lose the Quarrel Festival, we've gotta disband.
We won't be able to keep our promise and go around the stalls as the unit of Akatsuki, y'know?
So fight tooth 'n nail for our victory. I wanna enjoy the festival with you guys too.
After the live... we're gonna go around, all of us in Akatsuki, and get all we can out of the booths around here, right? ♪

Keito: You just tripped a death flag, saying that right before our battle. Kiryu... indeed, I got a little carried away. I'm still very much a novice.

Kurou: It's fine to relax, though. You always got this scowl on your face. Let loose for once and enjoy yourself. Let's have fun. ♪

Keito: Oof!? Don't hit me in the back! What ridiculous strength!

Kurou: My bad. Lecture me later. Err... first off, what do we do about this. We gotta get to where the mikoshi are, right? Where's that at?

Keito: Hmph. It's supposed to be right in front of the hall. That's the only reason why I was having us leisurely rehearse in the hall to begin with.
Hmm... there's crowds everywhere, so I can't see where it would be.
Outrageous. We need to get on top of the mikoshi as soon as possible and adapt to it.
Mikoshi tend to sway, so I don't know how far our voices will travel atop one.

Kurou: Plus, the mikoshi weren't finished until just before the festival... it's basically like we haven't rehearsed at all.
Everyone pushed way too much work onto the little miss Anzu.
Looks like I've gotta reward her later. I wanna put her on my shoulders, tour her 'round the stalls, and buy her her favourite food.
-- shit. I'm treating her like my little sister again, aren't I?

* - Keito is singing the Awa Yoshikono, a popular song associated with the Awa Dance Festival on Obon.


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