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Keito: Hmph. Well, I'll give you a passing grade.
You managed to refine your outline and take care of all the preparations. Good job, transfer student... no, I suppose I ought to call you by your name, Anzu.
You've finally gained enough skill as a producer that anyone can see it. I now recognise you as one of us, a student of Yumenosaki Academy.
Today, I want you to support us with all you've got. But I'm not saying I want you to guide us.
Fill in for what we lack, and help us to face everything Yumenosaki Academy's got with more passion than ever.
This is something Eichi would say, but I'm expecting a lot out of you.
But don't get ahead of yourself, Anzu. Your first project was an absolute disaster. We couldn't use it at all.
Get better. I won't lecture you so much that you go deaf, though.

Kurou: Yeah. That's far enough, danna.
Even little miss Anzu never expected that... the Quarrel Festival would be used for a stand-off between us in Akatsuki and fine.
She planned everything out with the thought that everyone could have a fun summer festival and get along. That's all.
If all you're gonna do is stamp your feet and complain, you're being rude to her.

Keito: I know that. Anzu, don't do like you always do and go too far in trying to support us. After this is all over, I'll thank you again.
For now, be nice... there, there. ♪

Souma: Ohh, Hasumi-dono has--! He's smiling gently, and patting Anzu-dono's head!
How unfair... wait! I mean, this is quite the rare treat! ♪
I should not express my disappointment, but delight instead that this is proof that Hasumi-dono recognises what Anzu-dono has achieved!
Stand proud, Anzu-dono! I am also grateful, and I thank you from the depths of my heart... ☆

Keito: Hmph. Don't just say it; put those grateful feelings of yours to use into making this the best live we've ever had. Sorry, Anzu-dono. I ended up patting your head by mistake. It's a bad habit.
You're a girl, so that might've crossed some boundaries. I've got some serious thinking to do, it seems. I'm still inexperienced.

Kurou: Huh. Did you have a little sister? I end up getting little miss Anzu and my sister confused all the time. I accidentally treat her like a little kid.
That's pretty rude too. Sorry 'bout all that, little miss.
I've gotta treat you like the lady you are. I say that, but how am I pull that off...
If there's somethin' you want from us, go ahead and ask, alright?

Keito: Hmph. I don't have a little sister, but I do have a childhood friend who's quite the handful...
We're both at that age where I shouldn't be patting his head, but no matter how much time passes, I can't leave him be.

Kurou: Yeah. Let's do our best to show that annoying brat you know that he shouldn't act so spoiled. I'll help you out, Hasuimi-danna.

Keito: I'm counting on you. Kanzaki too; you've worked hard. I know I was hard on you, but even now, you've come through at such a critical juncture...
Just keeping up with us must've been hard. Am I right?

Souma: It was nothing, Hasumi-dono! I respect those prodigies with cracks in their armour, more than geniuses who are perfect in every way!
They work hard to make up for their deficiencies, gain knowledge through their trials and push forward! That is the type of general that this Kanzaki Souma wishes to serve... ☆

Keito: I see. Thank you. There, there. ♪

Souma: Oh, Hasumi-dono! Though I am glad that you are patting my head, the "live" is just about to start! You are "messing" up my hair!
Agh, even though I went to the trouble of using a comb! My hair is a mess now!

Keito: Ah, my apologies. I never have enough consideration for others. Kiryu, fix Kanzaki's hair for him.

Kurou: Yeah, can't leave that to you, Hasumi-danna. You've got a boyish face that says you wouldn't even hurt a fly, but you're actually kinda violent.
Here, Kanzaki, lend me your head. I'll fix your hair 'n stuff for you.

Kurou: And while I'm at it, I'll fix your costume, too. Stand beside 'im, Hasumi. This isn't our regular costume, so some of the minor details are off.
This, at least, is my work. Won't let anybody else take it from me... ♪

Souma: You're quite excited, aren't you, Kiryu-dono! No, it is because you enjoy this so much that you are so skilled!
You have a way with your hands that would make even the most experienced masters blush. ♪

Kurou: Don't praise me so much. It's not even that vital of a skill, considering I'm an idol...
We left most of the costume stuff to the little miss for this live, so I'm kinda frustrated, you know.

Souma: Ohh, so this is a costume of Anzu-dono's make! It is beautiful and elegant, and perfectly suited to we members of Akatsuki... ♪

Kurou: Yeah. Perfect for Akatsuki, like some traditional actors' costumes... it's done in a style that seems suited for performances.
The little miss looked far and wide for different materials, and she worked hard to come up with this design.
Praise her some, Kanzaki. Hard work should be rewarded.
Well, I did give her some advice. We're going into a live, so what we wear has got to be the absolute best so we don't lose.
I really concentrated during lessons, so there wouldn't be anything too horrible.
Little miss, your skills are starting to become hard to ignore. It looks like leaving the costumes up to you for this one wasn't a mistake. You've done a fuckin' good job... ♪

Keito: It's because her costumes during her first project were so atrocious. She worked too hard and wore herself out, so it took even more time than it should've...
At first she said things like, "I'll just do back-crotcheting in the loincloth," and the costumes ended up being insane.

Kurou: Haha. And for the next project, she was going to stitch a rising sun headband into the collar on fine's costumes, and for Akatsuki, she wanted to do a biker gang outfit, or something in the regent style...
Like something out of an old and shitty manga. Right?
Well, as far as biker gang outfits go, I have my own, so it wouldn't be a problem.

Keito: On fine's side, she got really carried away with her ideas for them, and she was all over the place.
When I tried wearing your biker gang outfit, Kiryu, Eichi laughed so hard he had an attack and almost went to the hospital. "Keito, Keito's gone rogue!", he said, all while laughing up a storm, you know...?
Hibiki even said something like, "Amazing! Entertaining His Majesty the Emperor this much... just what you'd expected from my fated rival... ☆" All overjoyed.
Ugh, I don't want to remember it... If you're done touching up our costumes, let's go. The live's about to start.
They're still setting up the last of the decorations in this hall. We can't get in the way.

Souma: Hm? Was the Quarrel Festival not announced as being held within this hall?

Keito: That's at the end. Before that, it looks like we're going to be singing and dancing on a mikoshi, a "portable stage."
At the same time, the summer festival is going to be going on around us. It's gonna be lively, or... what would you call it.
Anzu desperately wanted the live to take place on top of mikoshi. I guess the meaning's still there, even though it's ridiculous...
It'll be more of a sight if we perform outside. This hall is kind of small.
It's a festival, after all. Parade's are also part of the festivities. The audience is going to help carry us on those mikoshi outside and bring us to the hall. If we're brought there through the efforts of the audience, who wants to support us, then having our final battle in this hall will be the most outstanding thing we can do.
That's the kind of Dreamfes the Quarrel Festival is meant to be. Now then, how should we plan our attack... ♪

Kurou: You're sure excited, danna. Well, I feel like it all depends on our enemy, but there's no harm in exploring our options as far as strategy goes, right?
We're gotta win, no doubt about it. We've got to, so Akatsuki can have a future.

Souma: Indeed! We shall decide our own fate, and I will use this body and soul of mine as a means to that end! Let us overthrow "fine"... ☆
We shall challenge them directly with our mighty power, and crush them! We are the Three Musketeers of Akatsuki, now setting off in conquest towards the bullet-riddled battlefield!
Hip, hip, hooray... ☆ 

Keito: Yeah. We MUST win. A red moon that reflects Eichi's rays of light and makes him shine... it was that meaning I had in mind when I named my unit Akatsuki*.
But now, it's different. It's not a red moon, but a sunrise**. A ray of light that declares a new beginning -- for everything.
You two took the weak moonlight I used to give off and dyed it a beautiful, shining red.
I will no longer falter, no longer turn away. With you two, I'm sure can shine as brightly as the sun.
No. We, the members of Akatsuki, will swallow the sun and shine at the top of Yumenosaki Academy, its scarlet moon.

* - Akatsuki's kanji means "red moon."
** - An alternate kanji for Akatsuki changes its meaning to "dawn" or "sunrise." This is the kanji used in the title, changing the meaning to "Dawn's Decisive Battle" or "The Decisive Battle at Sunrise."


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