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Scene: In Front of the Fountain

Wataru: Here, Himegimi! You're going flying! How fun... ☆

Tori: It's not! Put me down! Why'd you put me on your shoulders, Long-hair!? I said can walk on my own! Agh, this is so humiliating!
What is Yuzuru doing!? He's the one who's supposed to come get me, right? Or are you my slave now?
Unlike the president, I don't have the composure to take care of a pervert, you know? Put me down!

Wataru: Hehehe. I do not hate your lively spirit, but it is night -- you'll bother the people around us.
Please behave yourself. If I allow you to be injured, I will get quite the scolding... ♪
I'm sure you're exhausted as well, seeing as we've just come from a live. You are different from myself or your butler: you are always growing...
In terms of your physical strength, you are yet a child.

Tori: Ugh... the president is always doing his best. I can't be the first one to call it quits, right?
I want to get more stamina, but I wasn't born to be a body-builder, you know?

Wataru: You are still a boy, so I do not believe you have any reason to rush.
You're being raised eating good food, so perhaps by the time you are the same age that His Majesty the Emperor and I are right now, you will be our size?

Tori: I wonder... well, considering how much I'm loved, there are probably people out there who want to say, "Don't grow another inch!" So I'll be fine like this for a while. ♪

Wataru: Indeed. By the by, I've had your butler escort His Majesty the Emperor to his home.
Though it would certainly have been possible, given His Majesty's finances, to call a driver and send him off by car.
It seems that recently, His Majesty does not prefer such bourgeois luxuries.

Tori: The president sure is humble, sinking to the level of commoners... but anyway, if that's the case, couldn't you have just escorted him?
You have a hot air balloon, don't you? Couldn't you just have blown it up and carried him in it?

Wataru: That is for my personal devices. I am not all too skilled at giving a person special attention. The butler was the right choice for the job, and sometimes... you and I ought to try to get closer, Himegimi. ♪
We are comrades of the same unit, fine, after all.

Tori: Comrades, huh? I feel like you and I just can't get along.
Well, it's fine. More importantly... you know where I live. You're making it harder on me if you take me somewhere I don't know, see?

Wataru: Hehehe. That's true. Why don't I guide you all the way to Wonderland... ☆

Kanata: Puka, puka... ♪
You always have "fun," don't you, Wataru...

Tori: Woah, some weird thing came out of the fountain!? Hang on, you weren't serious about taking me to another dimension, were you, Long Hair!?

Wataru: Oh, how rude of me. I usually try not to come too close, but it seems I've treaded on your territory.

Kanata: Puka, puka... ♪
It's fine. We're "friends," aren't we.

Wataru: Ah, you still call us friends... I'm about to cry. How embarrassing.
It has been much too long since we've last spoken. Have you been well... my old friend?

Kanata: Hehehe. I was in a bad "mood," so I am cleansing myself with puka puka. ♪

Wataru: Oh -- I should not be the one to say this, but to find you, so happy-go-lucky, in a state of displeasure... another rarity.
Did something unfortunate happen? How very interesting... ☆

Tori: Wai-- hey, Long Hair! Do you know this weird guy? You're talking to him all normally, but anyway, why is he swimming in the fountain!?
The student council won't overlook suspicious behaviour! Grrr!

Kanata: He got mad at me... good evening. I'm Shinkai Kanata. ♪

Tori: Ah, yeah. Good evening. He's more polite than I expected, but standing dripping wet in the middle of the fountain makes it even weirder, you know!?

Wataru: Hehehe. School hours have been over for some time. Surely, there's no need to fulfil your student council duties now.
Overlook this. Isn't it also your job to be merciful to unfortunate boys and girls?

Tori: Uh... ugh. Well, I'm so high-class that putting in extra time off the clock doesn't suit me, yeah?

Kanata: Hehehe. Your "friend?"
Wataru, you used to not have any "interest" in "strangers" before. But now, you've managed to make new "friends" outside of "us." ♪

Wataru: Yes. We Five Oddballs sang the song of our youth to our hearts' content. It's certainly not trifling, not even when compared to that chaotic period...
I'm spending my days in the midst of splendour I must hold dear.
I've discarded the mask of the villain, and now, for the first time, I don the mask of the clown.
You too are spending your time quietly, peacefully in the depths of the water... though I do believe it'd be prudent to show your face sometimes.

Kanata: I am, so I can take a "breather." If I can't breathe, I'll die, after all. ♪

Souma: Gasp! So true, lord club president! There is always truth to be gained from your words! Gasp.

Kanata: Souma, let's go back "underwater" for a bit... ♪

Souma: Cough, cough! Wa-- I am nearly at death's door, lord club president! Please, mercy!
You took hold of my head and forced it underwater! To anyone else, this would surely look like attempted murder, you realise!?

Kanata: This is your "punishment," Souma. Take it. There's always "truth" to be found in the "water"... ♪

Souma: Cough, choke!? I-I did indeed ask you to punish me, lord club president, clutching at your hand, my spirits sinking...
But this is too much! I truly am about to die...!

Wataru: What are you doing? A new game? With breathplay, one must always be careful, lest he invite accidental murder into his home...

Kanata: Hehehe. It looks like Souma did something "naughty." He said he wanted to be "punished," so? I'm submerging him in the "water." ♪
Plus, he was a little depressed... ♪

Wataru: You grin from ear to ear and yet do such dreadful things. Though it may be summer, if he stays drenched, he'll catch a cold. Be moderate in your punishment, alright?
That, I believe, is Akatsuki's boy, is it not? We members of fine will be going up against them soon.
It won't be very interesting if our opponents aren't in top condition.

Kanata: Oh, really? You're going to do a live? I'll be "cheering" you both on. ♪

Wataru: Indeed. Please do come watch us. It will be a battle decided by Fate herself.
Ahh, love, hate, and fate are all intertwining! The curtain of our tragedy-comedy will rise! I want to dance! Amazing... ☆


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