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Scene: Cafe

Arashi: Heyy! Mitsuru-chan, you're out with your classmates, huh? That's perfect. You guys make nice with Mitsuru-chan, 'kaay?

Yuuta: Ah, we will. Are you on an outing with Anzu-san, Narukami-senpai?

Arashi: Hehehe, unfortunately not. Anzu-chan had some business at that general store nearby...
Oh, Tsukasa-chan? That's you, Tsukasa-chan, isn't it!

Arashi: Don't try to hide your face! Look this way... ♪
-- oh, look at all this! Is everything on the table for you, Tsukasa-chan? Wowwww.

Tsukasa: No, t-this isn't what it looks like! I simply... t-the price was good, and as only my Classmates were around, I got carried away! That's all!
My lady, please do not stare at me so! I am not an impertinent child who indulges in the sin of gluttony!
Gaah! I usually act so much Smarter...
Why did my lady have to behold such an abominable sight?
This is a punishment for disobeying the servants and snacking, isn't it? Unbelievable...!

Arashi: I was about to warn you not to eat too much, but if you get that bent out of shape, there's no way I can be mad, gosh!
Plus, you really seem to be regretting it now. I'll let it go this time! But try not to overdose on sugar, 'kay? You'll seriously get fat!

Tsukasa: I-I understand. I have been burning off the Calories I've been taking in from eating, and thus...
More importantly... why are you out with my lady, Narukami-senpai?

Arashi: Ah! You're jealous 'cause it looks like I'm stealing your precious big sis, right?
But doooon't worry. Me and Anzu-chan are both Tsukasa-chan's big sisters! Right, Anzu-chan?

Tsukasa: Er... but I do believe Narukami-senpai is not a "sister," but a "brother...?"

Arashi: Geez! Keep those boorish thoughts to yourself, would you?
Anyway. I know you're interested in why me and Anzu-chan are out together, but we never agreed to go out in the first place!
I'm a regular at the general store in the shopping district.
So I'm over there shopping, and what happens? I run into Anzu-chan! So since it was such a great opportunity, I ended up inviting her to get some tea.
Anzu-chan really helped me out with that point card business. You really saved my behind. Anzu-chan... ♪

Mitsuru: Point card? You collect those too, Arashi-chan-senpai?
Whenever Hajime-chan goes shopping at the supermarket, he talks about bringing his bag to gather ecopoints*, so we've been collecting points!

Arashi: Oh my. You're really being nice to the Earth, aren't you?
Good job! I always try to bring my ecobag* whenever I go shopping, but sometimes I forget.
But I mean a different kind of point card. Every time I buy something at the general store, they stamp my card!
Look, look! Isn't the card just adorable?
They've got some limited prizes you can earn, and they're soooo cute. I only needed two more points to get them!
Anzu-chan helped me get those last two points, so I got the prizes. I'm so happy... ♪

Tsukasa: So, essentially, Narukami-senpai brought my lady to this cafe to thank her for her help with the Point card. May I assume that to be the case?

Arashi: Someone's a straight talker!
... ah, we talked for so long that our seats got stolen! I put our water glasses down and everything... maybe they just assumed somebody forgot to clean them up?
Hey guys, the table next to you is open. Mind if we sit down?

Mitsuru: Go ahead, go ahead! That's cool with Yuu-chan, right? Tsukasa-chan too?

Yuuta: I'd love it if you did. I'd prefer it if you didn't order anything sweet, but the smell won't bother me if you do.

Tsukasa: Indeed -- Narukami-senpai and my lady have yet to order, yes? Such being the case, if you would partake of some of my Parfaits, it would help me out greatly.
Tenma-kun has helped me as well, but there is simply so much...
I shall eat the Mango Parfait and Pudding a la mode. Would you two mind choosing between the Strawberry or Melon Parfaits?

Arashi: I don't mind! Anzu-chan, which do you like better? Strawberry?
Then I'll go with melon. Hehehe, let's dig in. ♪

Tsukasa: Munch, munch... Marvelous. ♪

Arashi: It really is good! The whipped cream just melts in your mouth. I think it might even be better than the cafeteria's parfaits. ♪

Mitsuru: Ado-chan-senpai recommended this cafe! I had a parfait too, and it was so good, you have no idea!

Arashi: Adonis-chan did? I wonder what kind of face he'd make, eating stuff like this... ♪ Now I'm curious.

Tsukasa: Hehe, my lady seems pleased as well. -- ah! I finished the Mango Parfait in the blink of an eye!

Arashi: It might be good and all, but eating something all at once is hard on your body, you know?
Tsukasa-chan, aren't your upper arms getting kind of flabby? Look, they're this stretchy!

Tsukasa: Ah! Please do not pull on my upper arms! A-and they are not stretchy!
I train the muscles in my arms at the archery range, and I have even been following a Diet provided to me by a nutritionist.
There is... a-absolutely no way I have gained weight!
(... but, I do believe I could have managed my weight a bit better. There is something wrong with a plump idol.
And more importantly, a knight who cannot manage his weight might not be thought to be truly fit for Knights! Ah, how terrifying!
I shall walk home instead of taking a car. I must let my servant know ahead of time.)

Arashi: Tsukasa-chan? Why'd you take out your phone all of a sudden? Ah, you want to get a picture of your parfait!
But you've already eaten most of it, sooo?

Tsukasa: Ah, it slipped my mind. How vexing...
-- no, that's not what I was doing! I did not take out my phone to take a picture. I was planning to call my servant.
Huh? Use of one's phone in this cafe is prohibited? Please forgive me. It should be fine if I step outside then.
That being the case, I shall briefly take an absence. Please continue to converse without me and enjoy yourselves... ♪

* -- Urban Japan has a strong "point card" culture that rewards customers for return visits. Combined with the "Cool Biz" initiative, many stores reward customers for bringing their own bags instead of using the store's plastic bags. Compare to the "Going Green" movement.

Further reading about "Cool Biz" can be found here. Examples of "ecopoints" and similar initiatives can be found here.


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