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Scene: Shopping District

Tsukasa: Marvelous... ☆ Hehe, this is my first time being invited to the shopping district on strictly personal business... ♪

Yuuta: Really? You don't seem like you'd come here very often, Tsukasa-kun.
I always saw you as the well-behaved son of a rich family. Were you forbidden from going shopping on your own, or something?

Tsukasa: No, that was never the case... though, the Suou household does have a rule: "Return home before it gets dark." But...
As I am now a high school student, the restrictions placed on me have, of course, shrunken.
I have certainly been out late for Lessons or club activities before.
As far as that goes, I always had someone from my house come to escort me. Thus, I have never had a chance to simply linger in the shopping district.
Cake Shop...?
I wonder what kind of cake they have?
Ah, please look at this! This cake is absolutely dipped in chocolate... surely, this must be Gateau Chocolate?
We cannot tell unless we take a closer look! Everyone, please, hurry! ♪

Yuuta: Ahaha, don't go frolicking off! Whenever we pass in front of a cake shop, big brother stops in his tracks and glues himself to the window, just like that.

Mitsuru: All of them look so tasty, I'm gonna drool... slurp ♪ But this isn't our destination! Hold it together!

Yuuta: You said we're going to a restaurant Otogari-senpai recommended... a place where they've got awesome parfaits, but other stuff on their menu too, right?
I don't really like sweet stuff, so if we end up going to a dessert shop, I'll only order water.

Mitsuru: This is my first time going, so I'm not sure, but I'm sure they have other stuff!
If not, we can look for a different restaurant. The shopping district has a lot of options!

Yuuta: Thanks, Mitsuru-kun. But first off, I'm curious to see what kind of restaurant Otogari-senpai would recommend, so let's try to find it.
I say that, but even though I come around here often, I don't really know if there's any stores here Otogari-senpai would enjoy...?
He doesn't really seem like the person to go to cafes often anyway, so it's kind of shocking.

Mitsuru: That's 'cause he mostly eats meat. Oh, and anpan! He's said he likes both.

Yuuta: He tells me to eat more meat whenever we cross paths, so I know he likes it, but...
He definitely eats anpan a lot, yeah, but he's got the image of a real meat-lover.

Tsukasa: Is that baked candy...? It is very different from the candy prepared at home. Well, although we do have a candy cupboard at home, those are sweets meant for the servants.
More than anything, I cannot approve of having our servants eat sweets... though eating sweet things is the optimum way to release Stress.
If it's discovered that they use their pocket change to buy candy and share it around, it's likely their allowance will be restricted.

Yuuta: So you're saying you should let out your stress by binge-eating? That's a bad idea. Eating too much makes you irritable, I hear.
Well, I don't like sweet things, so I wouldn't know for sure.

Tsukasa: O-of course. I thank you sincerely for the warning... ♪
I am hardly saying I love sweet things.
I am aware of the existence of junk food, and simply in amassing a collection of such, it appears I have eaten my fair share of candy. That is all.
At some point, it began to help me with my Stress... and though logically, I understand it is deplorable, I had begun to reach for sweet things before I knew what was happening.
It is an opium of a kind. Of course, I understand I cannot continue like this. My lady has done me the honour recently of making me candy, but...
It is a burden upon her as well. I must practise self-restraint.
Gah! Even so, I was lured in by the promise of a Parfait, even coming to this shopping district in search of such...!

Yuuta: Tsukasa-kun, calm down, okay? I did say something like that, but I just meant it's bad to eat candy every day... just sometimes is okay though, you know?
Actually, if my big brother were here, he'd be overjoyed.
He makes candy as a hobby, and he used to complain that there was never anyone to give his creations to.

Mitsuru: Yuu-chan, you said you don't like sweet stuff, right? I love it!
What I'm no good with is spicy stuff, actually...

Yuuta: Huh? Doesn't eating spicy stuff make you feel happy? Am I the only one who's like that?

Tsukasa: Hinata-kun's candy, you say... that sounds pleasant. I would like to try some at least once... ♪

Mitsuru: Tsukasa-chan, Yuu-chan, we've gone too far.
We were supposed to turn the corner earlier, and there would've been the cafe Ado-chan-senpai recommended!

Yuuta: Oh -- say so earlier next time!
Huh? Past the corner, around the general store? That's a back alley back there... it doesn't seem like the place for a cafe.
There's an actual road if we turn the next corner up ahead, so shouldn't it be that?

Mitsuru: Hm... Ado-chan-senpai said it'd be a little hard to find.
He said it'd be in a place "off the beaten path," so it could definitely be in a back alley!

Yuuta: Well, I've hardly been down there before...
So the only stores I know are the ones in the main road...
By the way: what's the cafe's name?

Mitsuru: I'm pretty sure I asked, but I don't remember! It was some hard-to-understand name... in English!

Tsukasa: Let's go to the spot that Tenma-kun indicated for now...
Hm? This is a dead end.

Yuuta: There's a narrow path on the right. See? If we go down it, we'll get to the back alley, but from the looks of it, there's only a bar.
All the other stores aren't open right now, so they have their shutters drawn.

Mitsuru: Ta-da! When you're lost, it's best to look at a map! Ado-chan-senpai drew me one.
I'm 100% prepared, ehehe! ☆

Yuuta: And mention it sooner if you have a map, geez...
Mm... oh, yeah. We were supposed to turn at that next corner up ahead, not here.
But it's still not any cafe I know.
Well, whatever. We've got a map, so let's follow it. Otogari-senpai made it easy to read, so let's get to our destination instead of getting lost... ♪


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