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Scene: Park Thicket

Yuzuru: ...
(But now that I have a second look at him, he is rather large. I believe Bocchama said smaller dogs were loud, so he got a larger dog for that reason, but...
A smaller dog would be much easier to catch... if I were to say as much, though, I wouldn't hear the end of it from that brat.
The problem right now is the dog in front of me, nothing else.
I could hide and try to catch him... but even if I had several lives, it would not be enough.
I lost track of him earlier, and we managed to find him, but -- the next time, he might disappear entirely.
... what trouble. At times like these, I simply cannot think. I said I would sharpen my wits and catch this dog.
Oh! While I was caught up in my thoughts, Anzu-san managed to catch Bocchama's dog.)
Wonderful work, Anzu-san.
While I was facing off with the dog, you didn't give him a single opening, attached the leash to his collar, and managed to bring him here. I can only applaud you.
I am ashamed I could not be of more help.
Hehe. Because I drew the dog's attention, you were able to finish things off?
You are so considerate of others. I would like to be more like you.
I have coddled Bocchama for so long, you see. Anzu-san, you have the bearing of a butl... no, a maid.
-- no, please let me retract that statement. It is deplorable for me to even joke about treating you as a maid.
Please find it in your heart to forgive me, my lady. -- oh, whatever has you in such a fluster? Hehe, I was not planning to tease you.
If we linger here, we may be bitten by snakes in the bushes, which would be very dangerous. Let us return to the park. ♪

Scene: Park

Tori: Ugh... sniff! King, where are you?
It's me, your beloved owner! I'll pet you lots, so don't hide! Come out...!

Yuzuru: Bocchama.

Tori: Woah! Someone came!
Oh, it's Yuzuru. Anzu, too, and... King!? That's you, isn't it, King!?
Thank God...! I looked everywhere! Where'd you go, King!?
Sniff... even though you hate dogs, you looked for him for me, Yuzuru.

Yuzuru: Because I played a part in this as well. Regardless, the one to find him and catch him was Anzu-san. I did nothing.

Tori: But that doesn't change the fact that you looked for him. Anzu says it's because you guys were together that you managed to catch King.
Um... thanks, you two. ♪

Subaru: Ugh, I'm exhausted...
But we managed to catch Daikichi before he caused a fuss. Thank God. It's 'cause I was with you, Gami-san. ♪

Koga: Daikichi's Leon's bud, so he's my bud, too.
Now we gotta go look for King. Well, Tori's lookin' for him too, so he might've already found him.

Tori: Ah, Akehoshi-senpai, Oogami-senpai! Over here!

Koga: Aren't you just a ball of sunshine. Didja find him?

Tori: Yeah! After I got back to the park, Yuzuru and Anzu turned up with him! ♪

Koga: Geez. Don't look so fucking happy, alright?
Anyway, glad ya found him. King's probably relieved to be back with you, too.

Subaru: Yeah. I wanted to hang out with everybody a little more, but now that we're done searching, the sun's already started to set.

Yuzuru: Bocchama, I called a car to come pick you up. Please wait presently.

Tori: We're already going home? I wanted to play more, though...

Subaru: So we'll just meet up again like this. Himemin, you got my number, right? Text me any time. ♪
How about you get Gami-san's number, too? You're cool with that, right, Gami-san?

Koga: Don't go running your fucking mouth. You're so annoying.
'cept, I guess Leon wants to play more with King, so givin' you my number'd be fine.
Hey, Tori. Don't you dare text me about stupid shit. If you wanna go on walks with me with my dog, though, I MIGHT consider it.

Subaru: Oh, text me too if you do! ☆

Koga: I know! We won't exclude you, dumbass. Don't get close to me.

Yuzuru: Bocchama, it appears the car has arrived. Please give everyone a proper farewell.

Tori: Ugh, it's already here... Anzu, Oogami-senpai, Akehoshi-senpai -- thanks for having me today. ♪
Even though King and the other dogs got loose halfway through it, I had fun!
If you're THAT desperate for my company, I might spend time with you again... so invite me to hang out! T-that's all I wanted to say!

Yuzuru: Now then, everyone. Please excuse us.

Subaru: Himemin and Fusshi both went home, so I guess I'll go, too.
Hm? What, you want to go on another walk? Geez, and you ran around so much... well, guess we gotta.
Sorry, Anzu. Doesn't look like I can walk you to your house today.
Oh? Well, if something comes up, text me, 'kay? Anzu, Gami-san -- see you later! ☆

Koga: Hey, Anzu. Don't just stand around -- come with me. I'll take you home.
... Leon wanted to hang 'round you a little more. That's all.
What're you laughing for, dumbass? "You're so nice?" Don't say lame shit. I'll leave you right there.
Fuck, it's a joke. I'm not gonna walk faster than you, so calm down and walk normally. You'll trip.
... agh. A lotta shit happened, but was it a nice change of pace? You don't gotta answer. It's written all over your face.
I liked it too, so whenever ya push yourself too hard, I'll invite you out to take a break.
So keep doin' your best and all, Producer... ☆


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