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Scene: Park

: Where do you think you're aiming that, asshole? You hit Fushimi in the face before. Ever think you might not have good control of your wrist?

Subaru: No way! I'm in the basketball club, you know? Shooting's my specialty... ☆
But this is my first time hanging out here, so I don't know exactly where to throw... I just said "whatever" and threw it, so it ended up taking a strange direction.
With basketball, you have the net to aim for, and when you go to a temple, you shoot for the offering box.

Tori: Guys, is this the right time to be chatting it up? Akehoshi-senpai's dog went after the ball and disappeared into the brush over there.

Subaru: Woah, you're right! Daikichi, wait, stop! Come back!
... no use. Once Daikichi sees something shiny, he gets excited and won't stop for anything.
Maybe it's 'cause he's gotten fat lately, but he's barely tried to move much... I've had to get him running by tempting him with coins and stuff.
But let's leave it there; I have to go after Daikichi! Sorry! This is the start of what's gonna be a fun chase, ahahahahaha! ☆

Tori: Akehoshi-senpai's so carefree... dogs are way faster than humans, though.
But I guess what they say is true: dogs really do resemble their owners. Daikichi, huh?
He just goes and shoots after shiny stuff.
Compared to that, my King is way smarter. Right now, he's waiting patiently beside Yuzu... h-- huh?
Yuzuru, where's King? He was playing with you just now, right?

Yuzuru: My deepest apologies, Bocchama.
I was so shocked by the dogs' attack that I lost track of him. I can't remember if he was even there.
I feel as if a terrible nightmare has just passed, and am completely blindsided by relief.

Tori: You're so bad with dogs, Yuzuru. I guess it'd be cruel to ask you to remember. But seriously. Where did he get off to? Ugh...

Koga: I'll ask Leon where he went, so don't snivel, Tori.
... hehe, I gotcha. Thanks, Leon. ♪
Tori, I know where King is. Looks like he got caught up with Daikichi 'n took off in the thicket.
If you go now, he shouldn'tve gotten too far. So don't stand around lookin' all depressed. Get it the fuck together.

Tori: Y-yeah. As far as my King goes... we might've lost track of him, but even if he's around here, he hasn't come back.
I'll look for King, so -- um... Oogami-senpai. Could you help me?

Koga: Oh, so you want my help! It's gonna cost you, ya know?
Well, whatever. We should split up and search. I'll take thebushes over there, so you go in the opposite direction.
Let's go, Leon! We'll make it a race... ♪

Tori: Sorry, Anzu. I ruined your picnic... and we were having fun.
No, stay here. It's up to a dog's owner to find them when they disappear. You and Yuzuru wait on that bench over there.
Okay, Yuzuru, Anzu! I'll see you later!

Yuzuru: Ah -- Bocchama!
Anzu-san, I am going to go chase after Bocchama. -- yes, indeed. Even if I chase after him, I may become an impediment...
But I cannot simply wait here. It is also my fault that Bocchama's dog ran away.
How can I remain here while Bocchama and Oogami-sama take the responsibility of searching for him?
... how troubling. I appreciate your concern, Anzu-san, but Bocchama wished for you to remain here as well.
"I want to pay you back for inviting me here...?" Rather, has this day not been about showing thanks to you, Anzu-san?
But I do understand. The more people we enlist, the sooner we will find our target. Let us go together. ♪

Scene: Park Thicket

Yuzuru: ...
Agh!? Anzu-san, did that bush not just move!? ... it was just my imagination? My sincere apologies.
To be surrounded by trees like this means we cannot tell where any dog might have run off to. It appears I have become oversensitive.
Hehe, Anzu-san, you are very brave. "Leave the rest to me, please," you say, and place your hand to your chest... you look like a hero.
And then, as for me... I scare so easily. I'm just like a thief in the night.
Well, once we've found the dog, it's certain that one part of this excursion will be over...
-- hm. That bush over there moved, you say? Then it's probable that Bocchama's dog is nearby.
Or perhaps it will be Akehoshi-sama's dog. Either way, the fact that we must catch either has not changed.
Anzu-san, you shall round on him from behind? -- I will chase him from the front. In other words, a pincer attack, yes?
Indeed, I do fear being attacked by dogs.
But it is inconceivable that I be the only one able to escape.
If I think of this as the perfect opportunity to overcome my fear, then... no, it would be an exaggeration to say I am no longer scared.
Rather, I am only preparing for the possibility. I do not wish to worry you, Anzu-san.
(Now then -- I must act as well. There is no time to stand around quivering. I do not wish to become a hindrance to Anzu-san. I must act with prudence and advance our plan carefully.
... yes, that is Bocchama's dog. It's lounging without a care... and somehow, that is very irritating.
Bocchama leaves his student council duties to me, and lazes about as he pleases. It must be true: dogs resemble their owners.
Well, he has been taking care of his responsibilities lately... oh! He moved. I shall advance on him quietly.)


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