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Scene: Park

: My goodness. Bocchama speaks ever too much.
Hehe. You're excited to see what bento I've created? Thank you for your support, Anzu-san. JUST Anzu-san, that is.
I can only hope to fulfil your expectations. So please, everyone -- enjoy.

Tori: Huh? Huh? HUH!?
YOU made this, Yuzuru!? You only ever make the staples and give me brown, tasteless side dishes! Yuzuru, are you sick...?

Yuzuru: Please, do not concern yourself over me, Bocchama. Given that this is a rare opportunity to have a picnic, I prepared side dishes I thought you might like.

Tori: Oh, you're right! There's hamburg steak, karaage, and even dessert! Hehehe! You did good, Yuzuru. You're welcome for the praise. ☆
Ehehe, where should I start? Ah, Anzu. Why don't I feed you?
I'm in a good mood today, see! Here, say ahh! How is it? Is it good?
Next, do me! Ahh! Munch, munch. ♪

Yuzuru: Bocchama is making you spoil him... I apologise deeply, Anzu-san.
Bocchama, once you've eaten the greasy components, let's move on to the vegetables.

Tori: Why? I hate vegetables! Yuzuru, eat them for me. I'll finish off the side d--

Yuzuru: ...

Tori: F-fine! I'll eat them! Don't thrust them at me!

Subaru: Fusshi's really motherly. I think my mom used to do the same thing -- she'd be all like, "Eat your vegetables!" and it was really annoying, I think...

Koga: Is it good, Leon? There, there. Eat slowly! ♪

Subaru: Huh? Gami-san, aren't you going to have any? Fusshi's food is pretty good! ♪

Koga: Yeah, yeah. I'm eating. But, see, Leon usually only eats with me.
I dunno if he can sit still and eat with this many people around.

Subaru: Gami-san sure seems happier when he's with dogs, huh? I feel like he's one of my buddies, like this...

Koga: You can have some since you exercised, but don't eat too much. -- tch, what? I'm talking to Leon. Don't butt in.
The meat? It's fine; don't worry about me. You have it, Anzu.
Wha-- don't poke me with those paper plates! Fine, fine. I'll eat, so get the fuck away from me! You really are stubborn, aren't you...? Didn't expect that.
I know! I told you! You're trying to help me make friends, right?
Well, it's not like... I don't wanna be friends with people... and it's not like Adonis is an exception!
Akehoshi and Tori both like dogs. Nobody who likes dogs could be bad.
So I GUESS I'll hang with you guys for a while. Plus, Leon's got a big appetite, like usual. Gimme some veggies, too. Not just meat.
Fill that plate up 'til it can't hold any more.

Subaru: Oh, Gami-san left his dog's side! You're amazing, Anzu! ☆
Huh? I should eat vegetables, too? Ahaha, you sound like Fusshi! There's two moms here. No place to hide, huh...?
I'll have some, so don't worry. I'd hate to see any of Fusshi's food left over. I'll eat plenty of meat and vegetables!

Yuzuru: Anzu-san, how is the tea? "I'll pour it, so please, don't get up" -- you say? Hehe. You may intend to spoil me as well, but I cannot allow that.
Please do not steal my work from me. That may have been a bit rude to say, but...
For one who enjoys working so, as you do, Anzu-san -- I believe you can understand my feelings.
I have seen you labouring all day today, and understand that Oogami-sama and Akehoshi-sama set up this place for us. I have done nothing but rest today.
How's that? "When you drink delicious tea, your heart is calmed..." Hehe, well said.
Shall I refill your cup? I have also prepared a dessert to pair well with the tea.
I am a servant under Bocchama's rule, but today, I shall serve you as well, Anzu-san.
Please order me to your heart's desire, my lady... ♪

Subaru: Oh, woah there! Daikichi, why are you pulling on my sleeve? Do you want attention?
Running around right after you've eaten will make your stomach cramp up, though. Give it a bit.
Ahh, geez! Fine, I got it! I'll throw your ball around for you, so bring it back, okay? There you go! ☆

Yuzuru: ... forgive me, it seems something has hit my forehead. Is this... a sparkling ball?

Subaru: Oh, CRAP! Fusshi, run! Get out of there as fast as you can!

Yuzuru: Akehoshi-sama, whatever could you--
Ah!? Why is Daikichi-san glaring at me so? No, questions later; first, I must escape.
...!? You've cut off my escape, have you? How devious, Daikichi-san.
(This is... a problem.
It seems he thinks we're playing around, and now I've been surrounded by King-san and Leon-san as well.
To escape from this, I must first--)

Yuzuru: Ah! To attack me while I am formulating a plan -- you're so cruel...!
P-please leave me be. -- ahh! Which one of you licked my cheek just now!? A-ambulance! Call 911!
Hah... haaah... how would calling an ambulance help? Am I simple?
Ahhhh!? B-but please, I asked you not to lick my cheek...!
O-ouch! Now you've bitten my head. Please do not eat me; I would not taste very good. In fact, I would destroy you from the inside...!
P-please! Please get away from me...!

Subaru: Argh... I figured this would happen. Fusshi, are you okay?-- yeah, there's no way you are.
Daikichi can't ignore shiny stuff, so he got excited and attacked you when he saw that you had his ball.
Daikichi, look! This 500-yen coin is shinier than your ball!
Oh, he took the bait! Okay, this time, I'm gonna throw it far away from any people. Now, fetch, boy! ☆


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