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Scene: Park

: ... hehe.
Please forgive me. Seeing how you gesture as you speak, I unconsciously let my smile show.
It seems I've enjoyed spending this time with you.
I could never be bored in your presence. Your stories are always full of new things for me to discover, Anzu-san. They comfort me, and I always want to hear them.
Regardless, if I commandeer you to myself, the others will draw away.
You're loved not only by Bocchama, Akehoshi-sama, and Oogami-sama, but by their dogs as well.
To that point, Akehoshi-sama's dog... ah. Daikichi-san, yes?
Daikichi-san has been glaring at me for some time, as if to say, "Don't hoard Anzu-san."
I feel slightly threatened. At this rate, will he not come after me...?
Pardon me. I seem to have remembered some errands I have to run... yes. Once they're in order, I shall return immediately.
Now then, Anzu-san. Please do excuse me.

Subaru: Daikichi! Wait, wait, stop! Halt!
Agh... I wasn't fast enough. Anzu, are you okay? You're not hurt, right?
This guy's so fat and heavy, you know? Daikichi, don't nuzzle your head into Anzu's stomach! Move, move!
Geez, listen to what I tell you to do! Gami-san's mutt is pretty clever, so why's mine like this?
Well, whatever. The grass is always greener.
Um, now where did I put that... oh, here it is! In my pocket! Daikichi, I've got a 500-yen coin!
Ahaha, he's all over it! It's not just the usual hundred-yen coin I throw at him, but a nice, shiny new 500-yen.
It's no fat stack of cash, but it's pretty darn shiny!
Woah, hold on! Did you get even fatter? Did you sneak some treats when I wasn't looking?
Ah -- ahaha! Don't lick my cheek, it tickles! I'm not a treat!
Whatever, I guess. More importantly, what's up with Fusshi? He was just talking to you a second ago, wasn't he?
Hmm? He went to go take care of some errands. He's always so busy. I wonder if someone called him?

Tori: Anzu, Anzu! ☆
Ehehe, I knew you'd stop for me! Gwahaha ♪
Anzu, you're so busy at school, you never spoil me. Make up for it today!

Koga: You're not supposed to be getting spoiled, Tori. What, you need me to teach you another goddamn lesson?

Tori: 'cause a mongrel's got SO much to teach me, right? I have a dog, you know! I know how to discipline them... ♪

Koga: Huh? Treat me like a dog, and there's no way you'll be going home alive, punk. I'm a proud fuckin' wolf, and I'll kick the shit out of you if you make light of me.

Tori: Hehe, what a shame. You can't bully me any more! No matter what you say, Oogami-senpai, you can't scare me!

Koga: Asshole. You remember what happened during Circus, right? You hated what I did.
Every time you acted like a spoiled little brat, I hit you with that bamboo sword. If you've gone and forgotten that, I don't mind doing it all over again! Got it?

Tori: Y-you'd bring that up!? You're cruel!
W-well, it's true that I couldn't really handle you after that...
But you did it to get me to be serious. Now, I understand that. I'm grateful.
Ugh... all I wanted to do was come here and hang out with Anzu. Why'd it have to turn into a confessional?
Mm... what's wrong, Leon? Do you want me to pick you up? Ehehe, sure! ♪
King's right near me, too. You're so spoiled. Well, that's 'cause I'm generous. I treat you with Tender Loving Care 24/7... ♪

Subaru: Ahaha! Himemin, you sure got close to Leon!

Koga: Tori... he might bitch and moan, but he never once quit during Circus.
Well, it proves he's got guts, I guess.

Tori: Do you wanna be my dog? King seems to like you, too, and I bet you could become friends!
... is that so? You really love Oogami-senpai, don't you? You might've turned me down, but that just makes me like you even more. ♪

Koga: Hey, how long do you plan on carrying Leon for? He ran around a lot, so it looks like he's hungry. I gotta feed him something.

Subaru: Looks like Daikichi's hungry, too. And me, I'm starving...

Tori: Anzu, where are you going? Hm? You're going to buy us lunch?
Wait, wait! You don't have to do little stuff like that for us. Yuzuru would be happy to do it!
Yuzuru. Yuzuru?

Yuzuru: You called, Bocchama?

Tori: Woah, you really came! Actually, where'd you come from? I didn't see you anywhere.

Yuzuru: Bocchama need not concern himself with such trifling details.
Anzu-san, I understand you were in charge of today's picnic. I received a text from Akehoshi-sama stating as such.
While presumptuous of me, I went ahead and prepared bento for everyone.

Tori: Ugh. Yuzuru, the stuff you make has no flavour. I don't wanna eat any of it...
I wanted to try a bento from a convenience store, actually! It's full of artificial stuff, but it tastes great! I want some!
So, Yuzuru -- go buy me one. Okay?

Yuzuru: I kindly refuse.

Tori: You don't waste any time! Geez. I never get the chance to eat outside, so you should listen to me! I'm your master!

Yuzuru: And I must take into consideration everyone's health. If you do not listen, I shall sew your lips shut.

Tori: Ugh. Anzu's been spoiling me, but now I feel terrible. -- still, Yuzuru made that bento for my sake. Yeah.
His food doesn't have any flavour, and I can't say something like, "it's delicious 'cause he made it for me!" But...
No matter what he makes for me, he made it with love. I guess I'll understand that if I have it.
So, I'll eat your food! Be grateful, Yuzuru! ♪


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