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Scene: Ballet Stage

Mitsuru: Moving around so much has made me hungry! Bread-bread-bread, I'm eatin' up some bread~♪

Tomoya: You... that's how you end a difficult practice, huh? All you have to do is eat bread and you're happy again.
Ah, my throat is dry. I'd kill for a sports drink instead of bread.
Hm? Transfer student-senpai? You brought one just for me?
Thank you very much! You saved me from a terrible dry throat. ♪

Hajime: ...

Tomoya: Are you okay, Hajime? Drink one of the sports drinks Transfer student-senpai brought and cheer up, okay?

Hajime: Ah! I'm sorry. Practice was harder than I thought it would be. I'm so exhausted I spaced out.
I need to get stronger and take after Mitsuru-kun, who can eat bread immediately after practice... ♪

Tomoya: I gotta get stronger too. I'm better compared to when I started out, but continuous practice completely wears me out.
Just what you'd expect from Nii-chan. He's pushing us so we don't drag everyone in Knights down.
We can't move around as flashy and spectacular as they do, but we're going to be dancing with the Knights as fairies, so...
I'm worried we'll hold them back. The school festival is tomorrow, but can we manage like this...?

Nazuna: Quit, it, Tomo-chin. You look all gloomy.

Tomoya: N-nii-chan!? ... I'm sorry. Complaining like this is pretty pathetic, huh.

Nazuna: You're fine. I'm worried too, you know -- about whether it's been going well, or whether we can make the audience happy.
But you can't let it show on your face. We're fairies, and together with Knights... no, the shining cavalry... we're going to dance on stage.
At the very end, we have to give each one of them flowers as thanks for dancing with us, and then disappear. That's our role.
If we give them flowers looking all gloomy, they won't feel our gratitude. It'll clash with the program.
You don't need to think about whether you're good enough. What's important is keeping that feeling of wanting to see it through in your chest.
As far as that goes, Hajime-chin, Tomo-chin, and Mitsuru-chin are passing with flying colours. ♪

Tomoya: Nii-chan... thank you so much! I was worried about what I needed to do.
That's right. I shouldn't get depressed about not being experienced enough. I should just let my feelings fill in the gap!

Hajime: Right! Let's do our best, Tomoya-kun... ♪

Tsukasa: ...

Hajime: You're... Suou-kun, aren't you? Suou-kun, what's wrong? You're spacing out.
Do you feel unwell? I'm worried. Shall I take you to the nurse's office?

Tsukasa: You're... Hajime-kun. Please do not fuss over me. I simply have something on my mind.
I am truly a novice. My senpai hardly pause for breath, and yet here I am, the sum of my efforts.

Ritsu: I've been in tip-top shape since the sun went down... ♪ Hey, Secchan. Why don't we take it from the top again? If you can't make it, starting from the middle's good, too..

Izumi: You've got a lot of nerve. Like I'd be worn out from this alone. Even if you beg for mercy, I won't give you a lick, so get ready!

Ritsu: Hehehe... That's exactly what I was hoping for, though... ♪

Arashi: My, you two seem to be having fun. Let me jump in! I hate being left out, you know?

Tsukasa: ... I want to be included as well. I want them to call my name -- right now.
But I've driven myself to my limits... and if they were to include me once I finally caught my breath, I would simply be holding everyone back.
I am very much chagrined.
I am also part of Knights, but I cannot keep up with them. All I see is a distant mountaintop I cannot hope to grow and surpass.
... please forgive me. Forget what you've heard. I am too caught up in my feelings; I must focus.

Hajime: U-um, Suou-kun!

Tsukasa: What's wrong? You've called for me in such a loud voice, and yet we're this close... I can hear you just fine.

Hajime: Er... well... I don't really know how to say it. But honestly, I think you're amazing, Suou-kun.
You've been dancing and swinging around a rapier, and I know if that were me, I'd be dead tired in just a few minutes.
But you managed to make it to the end. I almost wanted to applaud you.
So if you're a novice, I must be the biggest newbie in the industry. But I'm still trying my best.
Even if I can't catch up, I can keep chasing after Nii-chan without stopping. And one day, I'll catch up to Nii-chan. That's what I think. ♪

Tsukasa: Hajime-kun... you're quite a strong person.

Hajime: U-um, did I seem too haughty? I'm so sorry...!

Tsukasa: No, you've encouraged me. If I have time to wallow about and compare myself to my senpai, I should instead refine myself.
Narukami-senpai, Sena-senpai, and Ritsu-senpai did not start out perfect. More likely is they've worked hard, and I simply haven't seen it.
You cannot improve if you do not make the effort. They are Knights, so they must be elegant and smart... is the image I have in my head.
On stage, I dance without shame as a knight, of course.
But backstage, I strive hard in a way the audience does not see. That is hardly strange.

Ritsu: Suu-chan, did you make friends with Haa-kun? That's fine and all, since Haa-kun's been my friend for forever... ♪

Hajime: U-um, you're a bit too close. But more importantly, may I ask why you're smelling me...?

Ritsu: Mm... I was checking to see if your blood would be tasty. Hm... too bad, but no.
There's nothing wrong with your blood, but maybe 'cause you've been eating garbage food, the flavour's not there

Hajime: Ugh -- it's not garbage, okay...? Fried bean sprouts are cheap and delicious, and my family loves them... ♪

Ritsu: But that's just what I was talking about. Well, I don't need to drink right now. I've got a lot of energy since the sun is totally gone. ♪

Arashi: Goodness me. It's already this late? Tomorrow's the big day, so why don't we call it here?
We can't go the whole night, you know? Now then, everybody! Let's do our best tomorrow to create a stage that pleases our audience... ♪


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