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Scene: Studio

Izumi: It's fine if I don't participate. Even though units have to participate as a whole in the school festival, that thing with DDD happened.
As long as you explain the situation, Knights should get accepted even without me there. And if that's the case, there's no need to go out of our way to think of something other than a live.

Arashi: No can do, Izumi-chan. Weren't you the one who said, "I'm not so heartless that I won't participate?"
We're not Knights without you, Izumi-chan. I can't let you sit this one out. ♪

Izumi: I'm also sure I said I'm the one who caused problems, you know. -- why are you so fussy about me playing a part?
... well, I dunno how it'll turn out if we negotiate with the student council, but it probably wouldn't be an issue.

Arashi: Knights is a unit of four: me, Izumi-chan, Ritsu-chan, and Tsukasa-chan, you know?
Even though there's only four of us 'cause the real leader is missing. Still. Let's do our best and not give in to adversity!
It'll be fine, Izumi-chan. If we all work together, we can come up with something great for the school festival. ♪
And instead, if we do something other than a live and our audience loves it, we'll have it in the bag! Right?
We're all pretty skilled individually, so even a different kind of performance could win them over, I bet.

Izumi: ... oh, really. You're throwing my warning out the window and having me participate anyway, so don't come crying to me when this is over.

Arashi: Geez, I won't! Tsukasa-chan, you'd feel better having Izumi-chan with us, right?

Tsukasa: Indeed! Sena-senpai, let's do our best in the school festival. ♪
We've spoken about doing something other than a live, so we must decide on something concrete.

Arashi: Let's go around and get everyone's opinions, first... hm? What's that sound, I wonder? It sounds like somebody's ringtone?...

Izumi: Oh, it's mine. -- Nazu-nyan? What's up?
Yeah, hi.
What. You're asking me if I'm free? Now? Are you trying to make fun of me 'cause I'm suspended from club activities?
Yeah... yeah... I've always had a bad personality. It didn't pop up out of nowhere.
So that's it? -- seriously? Well, not that I care.
Naru-kun, Nazu-nyan's got something to say to you.
He doesn't know your number, so he called me.

Arashi: Nazuna-chan?... I wonder what he needs?
Yes, this is Narukami!
... our plans for the school festival? Hmm. So you Ra*bits are participating, too. Of course, we Knights are as well.
Hmhm. -- oh, right. It's a bad idea to talk about important details over the phone, so why don't we discuss this in person?
I'm at the studio right now, so why don't you come on over? Yes... yes... hehe. I'll be waiting. ♪

Izumi: Glad you had fun talking to Nazu-nyan, but what the hell did he want?

Arashi: You'll see soon enough... juuust kidding!
Nazuna-chan's having Ra*bits participate in the school festival as well, so he wanted to see if we'd like to team up with them.

Izumi: Well, it's not like there's a rule saying units can't work together.
But to ask us, of all people? Nazu-nyan, what're you thinking?
People REALLY don't like us after what happened with DDD.
I'm sure they're just trying to get the green light by relying on us, since their unit Ra*bits is totally new.
But anyway, why'd Nazu-nyan skip over me and go to you, Naru-kun? Normally, he'd be asking me.

Arashi: Since I'm the one with all the power, I guess? Being the temporary leader and all.
Even if you gave them the okay, if I said no, we'd be back to step one.
So that's why they went to the temporary leader, I bet.

Izumi: Oh, so that's why. -- so, what do you think, Naru-kun? You feel like working with Ra*bits?

Arashi: It doesn't sound like a bad idea. But if we meet up in person, it'll feel more like a consultation, I bet.
We might decide to work with them, but we still have to decide what we're going to do.

Ritsu: Ya... wn... ♪ Ah. I slept really well.

Arashi: Oh, Ritsu-chan. You're finally awake. Hehe, you're such a sleepyhead... ♪

Ritsu: Ugh, please don't get in my face... I feel good about waking up for once, and you're getting in the way.

Tsukasa: Good morning, Ritsu-senpai. However, it's already evening -- far past the time to say "good morning."

Izumi: Oh, right. I've got something to say to you, Kuma-kun.
You were in Zenyasai, but you didn't show up to the fashion show at all!

Ritsu: Ugh. I thought you would've forgotten by now. I don't want to listen to you lecture me. You go on forever...
Anyway, why are you bringing this up now?

Arashi: You were asleep, so you don't know that we were talking about being in the school festival either, right?
I'll explain everything, but first, can you give me those costumes you're holding on to?

Ritsu: Mm... fine. Here.

Arashi: Hehe. You did so well. ♪
Um... we're going to be in the school festival, but we might be working together with Ra*bits.
We haven't decided what we're doing yet, so I decided to meet up with Nazuna-chan. He should be here right about now.
Still, maybe I should give the transfer student a call, too.
I might not be able to ask her about the costumes, though. She's suuper busy preparing for the school festival.
But it might be okay if I just talk to her about our plans.

Izumi: Are you serious? The transfer student? She pisses me off. She's too close to my Yuu-kun.
Besides, she's way too busy working with Trickstar, right?
'cept it'd totally be fine if we got together with them. If we did, I could flirt with Yuu-kun... ♪

Arashi: Geez. Have you already forgotten about what happened in DDD? You caused us trouble during the fashion show, so if you keep getting us into these situations, nobody'll like you, you know.
Anyway, I'm gonna call the transfer student. She's the producer who saved us when we were in a pinch, so I better spoil her a lot! ♪


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