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Scene: School Store

Eichi: Hey there, miss transfer student.
What a coincidence, seeing you here. I guess we must be fated to be drawn together... ♪
Oh! Please don't look so turned off. That's how you're supposed to use "turned off," isn't it?
The slang kids use is a bit beyond me... ♪ I'm just joking.
I am interested in you in that way, but to you, I'm a sworn enemy who's ripped your friends apart, aren't I?
There's nothing I can do if you hate me. It makes me a little sad, though.
Well, you're surprisingly blunt, so I imagine you aren't carrying that much of a grudge, right...?
Oh, sorry for examining you so closely. Having people try to get a read on the real you can be a bit uncomfortable. My bad.
Let's talk about things like that after we've gotten closer. ♪
Although, the job of student council president does sometimes involve things like trying to figure others out.
It looks like I've gotten into the habit of trying to peer into people whenever I speak to someone... ♪ How terrible. I'll need to do better.
Maybe it's because I was away in the hospital for so long -- I don't really have a grasp on how close people should be. I'm sorry if I've ever hurt your feelings.
It's boring to just let misunderstandings lie. I want to be a well-mannered student council president who everyone likes.
By the way, miss transfer student. How does this vending dispenser machine work? There, right next to you. In the very corner of the store...
It seems to sell refreshments without staff operation, or something of that nature. I've been curious about it for a while now.
Wow, how amazing. This is a shining example of human skill, a device that cuts down on labour costs while increasing sales. I thank you, humanity.
This is where you buy your drinks, isn't it?
I wanted to give it a shot, myself. I came all the way to the school store for this exact purpose.
I always have people around me, you see. If I say I'm thirsty, there's always someone to pour me tea.
That's not how it is for most people, though, right? I started to think about that, and then I gave my hangers-on the slip to come here. Just now, in fact.
I had to run a lot, so I'm thirsty. It's the perfect chance to become more intimate with this vending dispenser machine.
That is, the culture of the vending machine, the great masses that come and go before it. It's imperative that idols have an idea of how the town flows.
Simply lording over you all has made me a Naked King.
I am Yumenosaki Academy's Emperor. But the throne is a cold and lonely seat, and so far from my subjects.
I want to live a more normal life -- no, a warmer life, surrounded by people. If it's all right with you, would you help me?
I am your enemy. I'm well aware this is out of line. But the taller the wall in front of you, the more valuable your experience from surmounting it.
That's why I'm asking. You vanquish the evil dragon and get untold riches in exchange.
If you think of it in the long-term, this would benefit you and your friends as well. An investment in your own future, if you will.
I will become stronger. I will stand in your way as an enemy, tougher than ever, a roadblock in every way.
When that time comes, I don't want to look pathetic in front of my beloved enemies. I hope you can consider my feelings and see what I mean.
It's not as though you belong to Trickstar, right?
I want you to lend a hand to any idol who needs it, miss Producer. ♪
Oh, so you will be helping me? Thank you. You're so kind.
Or did you get "pissed off" with my long and boring story?
Hm. I see. So you select what you'd like to drink, and then insert money. What a simple, refined system. I understand.
Everyone buys their drinks like this, huh... ♪
Miss transfer student, is there any drink you want? I don't know quite how to thank you, but... I can buy you a drink, so pick whichever you'd like.
I'd also appreciate it if you could tell me what drink to get. I'm a little lost on what to choose, just from looking at the packaging.
I hate to make you handle every last thing, but it'd be a big help.
Oh my, is this black tea? I'll go with that, then. I'm excited... ♪
Hm. Sorry, miss transfer student -- how would one go about opening this can? Are there tea leaves inside?
Hmm... so the tea itself is inside. You tug on this "pull tab," and...
Ohh! There's a hole for easy drinking, is there? Spectacular. What a masterful idea.
Ahh, the flavour is perfect, too. Both my mouth and heart are satisfied. Ah, today has really been a day worth experiencing... ♪
I want to keep living like this. And I shall once more to the throne I was stripped from, and meet you head-on.
I eagerly await the day.
You're excited for it too, aren't you, miss transfer student? ♪
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