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Scene: Quarrel Festival's Food Stall Market

Keito: We won, and we pulled through protecting something we love.
Be proud, Kiryu. Thanks for going through this with me.

Kurou: Haha. What're you, some charismatic leader now? Don't suit you.
You should do as you always do and lecture us while barking out orders.
You've got a real sense of right 'n wrong, and that's why even I shut up 'n follow you.
Lookin' forward to working with ya in the future, Danna.

Keito: Yeah. Same here, Kiryu.

Souma: Hasumi-dono, Kiryu-dono! Don't just make nice amongst yourselves! Let's go explore all that the stall market has to offer!
Look, on the other side -- lord club president is running a goldfish catching station!
For some reason, whenever a customer catches a goldfish, he ends up wearing this sad expression like a parent whose children have been stolen away.
Hehe, lord club president truly loves fish... ☆
I'm going to go on ahead with Anzu-dono! Lord club president! May I try my hand at scooping up a goldfish next? ♪

Kurou: Kanzaki sure seems like he's having fun. Little miss Anzu too -- she's making this cute face that totally suits a teenage girl...
She wasn't always an amazing producer, but just a regular girl.

Keito: That's right. But no matter what, she is still a producer.
I wonder if she'll be able to survive in the chaos of this dog-eat-dog entertainment industry?
We've got to support her and watch over her. Eichi finally broke ties with me as his childhood friend, so I have some free time.
I guess I'll start looking after Anzu.
Geez, every last person in here needs a babysitter.

Kurou: Speaking of, Hasumi. Doesn't it kinda seem like we've turned into their parents?
We're watching them playing from afar, and you've got this warm smile on your face, so...?
So who's the mother and who's the father, Kiryu? Well, not that I mean anything by that.

Souma: Hasumi-dono!

Keito: What is it this time, Kanzaki? Did you have too much fun and empty your wallet?
Sorry, but I won't lend you any money. Since I was focused on the live, I didn't have any stalls set up, so we're running on a big deficit.
Thanks to Anzu getting those other units to help us out, the profits from our win got divided among us all, and our share is a pittance.
Anzu needs to learn better management, or study sales more.

Kurou: Akatsuki, the red moon, is in the red. That's not even funny. What a stupid joke, hahaha! ♪

Souma: No, please look at this! There's people gathering at the performance hall, and it seems fine is singing on stage...?

Keito: Hm? You're right... What are those guys doing?
Ugh, what's going on? Don't push on my back, Anzu! Thanks to all those lessons every day and the live earlier, all my muscles are screaming in pain!
Ow, ow, ow. What's wrong? Don't just do stuff, tell us what's going on first! Since I always give you long speeches, I'll hear you out!
Hm. I see. So the next stage of the Quarrel Festival, the "Sweat and Muscle Loincloth Festival," is about to start? We should get ready?
I see, I see. I won't get mad, so why don't you explain what's going on in detail? ♪
I've changed my opinion on you, thanks to this event. I'll hear you out for as long as I can without blowing a gasket.
What? Speak clearly. I won't get angry, honest... ♪
Hm, so the second stage of the Quarrel Festival was written down in the plans from the very start? So basically, you're saying it's my fault for not reading over it as carefully as I should've?
I was busy with lessons -- no -- I relied on you and left the plans to you, so...?
Shit. I was busy lecturing you about little problems with our costumes, so it really is my fault for not noticing the second part, loud and clear on paper.
Hmph, so essentially. Based on what you've said, if we don't win this stupid second stage, Akatsuki will have to disband...?
Alright, I got it! Don't say anything else. Sit down and stay there!
You staked Akatsuki's existence on such a ridiculous idea! You really are a problem child -- you only exist to cause me trouble!
Hey, wait! Don't you dare run! Kanzaki, Kiryu, go catch Anzu!
ANZU! Today is the day I officially lose patience with you! I'm going to lecture you and kick that terrible personality of yours into shape...!
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