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Scene: Quarrel Festival's Food Stall Market

Keito: .. guh!?
Ugh, I just barely landed on my feet... those guys are so violent, geez.
(This is the very top of the mikoshi, huh? That tiny thing installed in the very centre must be the stage.
You've got an amazing sense of control, Kiryu. When it comes to physical strength, you're definitely the best of the best in our school.
Well... in a little over an hour, I'm going to lecture him about how recklessly he treated me.
He cut the time it took to get here in half, so I should start thinking positively.
Now then, it'll take Kiryu and Kanzaki a little while to get here. I should go ahead and get everything in order, and get used to this mikoshi.
Hm. For a stage, it's surprisingly well put together. It's definitely small, but it's more like a float than a mikoshi.
Speaking of which, it kind of reminds me of the parade at the amusement park...?
As far as the plan went, fine and Akatsuki are each supposed to get their own mikoshi. On top of each mikoshi is a stage that's been assembled for us to sing and dance on.
Both mikoshi are going to be carried to the heart of Yumenosaki walking a tight path, followed by the audience. Occasionally, their paths will meet, and the mikoshi will clash.
They'll circle around one time and then return to the performance hall for the final battle.
Whenever the mikoshi clash, is each unit allowed to steal some of the audience from the other mikoshi?
Whenever they do clash, each unit should protect the audience clinging to their mikoshi, but outside of those moments, would it be okay to gather a great number of people?
We're this close to the start of the live. Asking myself these things does nothing.
It all depends on fine's move, too. This sort of extravagance suits Hibiki perfectly, so I have to be prepared for him as... huh?

Wataru: Amazing! You've finally made your appearance, have you, my lifelong rival... ☆

Keito: Hmph, so it's you, Hibiki. I don't remember ever saying I'd be your rival.

Wataru: Don't be so modest! Even now, I still think very highly of you, even so much as to be jealous of you!
Today, I see that upturned nose of yours as you look down on me. I would be delighted to break it for you. ♪

Keito: That's my line. You're so cheeky, thinking you have Akatsuki in the palm of your hand, that you can toy with us. I'll make you were ever so arrogant.
Sorry, but I'm going to use my full power to bring you to your knees, fine!

Wataru: Perfect! Then we are at war! No, this is a quarrel. It's an initiation all boys should have gone through when they were still young... ☆
And yet you've dragged it out all the way into your teenage years, haven't you?
It's much too late for both you and Eichi to be going through puberty. In fact, this is all shockingly jaw-dropping... ☆

Keito: I have no comeback. Sorry you had to get caught up in our fight.

Wataru: No, no, stay your apologies! I'm quite satisfied with this tragic comedy... ☆
This is where I belong. Now, now, let's dance until dawn! ♪
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