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Normal Event: Forgetful Songs

1/3 --
Leo: ... mm? Was I in class 3-A? Or 3-B?
Shit, I forgot!?
The odds are fifty-fifty. Now then, which should I pick?

Choice A: Why don't I show you?
Response A: Ohh, you're gonna show me where it is, Anzu?
Even though you're a transfer student, you know the school way better than I do, huh?
Maybe even better than Rei. ♪
Response B: Wait, don't start pulling me by the hand!
Let me pick which class I wanna go into!
I don't mind being wrong. Actually, that's more interesting, right? ♪

Choice B: You're in class 3-B.
Response A: Agh, don't tell me the answer! Don't!
I was this close to expanding my imagination and coming up with a new masterpiece!
... sniff. You're such a bully.
Response B: Even though giving me the answer straight hurts the power of my imagination...
Well, it's fine. If I'm late today, Kuro will probably scold me, and all.
Anzu, thanks for letting me know. ♪

2/3 --
Leo: Nazu... Kuro... Nazu... Kuro...
Anzu, does the name "Nazu" ring a bell?
I remember who Kuro is, but I haven't got a clue about Nazu.

Choice A: It's a little hard to figure out with just "Nazu."
Response A
: Woaaaah, don't just give up!
If you don't get what I mean by "Nazu," I gave you a hint with "Kuro," right?
At least try to imagine who he might be, Anzu!
Response B: No, you don't know either, Anzu...?
This is a tricky question! A real head-scratcher... ☆
It's fun 'cause it's tricky! Wahahahahaha. ☆

Choice B
: Is he that boy in your class...?
Response A: Nito Nazuna...? Who's that!
He's tiny and cute... ahhhhhh, I remember now!
Mr. Fairy! Nazu's Mr. Fairy... ☆
Response B: Wait, don't say one more word!
If you're gonna give me a hint like "he's in the same class," I can use my imagination to get the answer!
You just wait, Nazu. I'm gonna solve this riddle, wahahaha. ☆

3/3 --
Leo: It's gone! Gone, gone, gone! I can't find Ruka-tan's lyric collection...!
Agh, this is a catastrophic loss for the whole world!
I'm so stupid! An idiot! A complete and utter fool!

Choice A: Is this what you're looking for?
Response A: Ah-- aaaahhh...!
Are you an angel? Or a goddess? Either way, I'm saved...!
You saved my life, Anzu. Thank you! ♪
Response B: Don't you dare try to put that thing on par with Ruka-tan's lyric collection!
It can't ever compare to the pure poetry Ruka-tan has spun!
Ahh, geez! Yelling makes my head hurt, okay?

Choice B: Please calm down.
Response A: Ugh... sniff. Ruka-tan, I'm so sorry.
There's no way Onii-chan can show his face in front of Ruk--... huh? You'll help me look for it?
Really? Then this is no time to be depressed. Thank you, Anzu. ♪
Response B: You think I can calm down!?
Those lyrics belong to the most lovely little sister in the universe, you know?
Losing them is just... agh, it's a fate worse than death!

Special Event: Overflowing Songs

1/3 --
Leo: Huff, puff, huff... ☆
What am I doing? Like I'd answer that easily! Try to imagine it... ☆
Imagination is connected to inspiration, you know?

Choice A: You're playing beanbag.
Response A: Wahaha, beanbag? You sure came up with something interesting, huh?
But too bad! I'm not playing beanbag, but juggling!
I do it once in a while to clear my head so I can focus on writing music again. ♪
Response B: Mm, that's the impression you got from watching me, right?
Do you know what "juggling" is? That's what this is.
If you're interested, Anzu, why not give it a shot too? It's pretty fun.

Choice B: You're practising a show you're going to put on for children.
Response A: Ah, yeah. A performance for kids would probably have juggling in it.
You might've had the wrong idea, but it wasn't a bad guess.
But too bad. I've not planning to hold a show for kids right now.
Response B: Kids tend to act pretty erratic, so if I got a request for that, I'd love to try it, you know?
But, it's not like Knights are a unit that kids seem to like much.
Even if we were, it'd go to Ryuuseitai first, I bet.

2/3 --
Leo: Wahaha, wahahahahaha... ☆
Woah, don't just appear out of nowhere and grab my inspiration notebook!
You're getting in the way of my composing. I won't forgive you, even if you are Anzu.

Choice A: Sorry.
Response A: You're a good girl, Anzu. You know when to apologise. Good job! ♪
Mm, I get it. Sitting here makes me a roadblock to people just trying to go the hall, right?
I don't want to get in your way, Anzu, so I'll move. Don't worry.  ♪
Response B: You sure apologised fast, huh...?
I imagined you would get surprised, or have some sort of interesting reaction.
I shouldn't have expected you of all people to be weird, no.

Choice B: Please don't sit in the middle of the hallway.
Response A: I'm not just sitting here, I'm waiting for inspiration to strike!
Actually, the music was starting to sprout, up until a second ago.
It's gone now! Aw... what a waste, what a waste!
Response B: Ohh, Anzu warned me!
Everyone else just went and passed me by.
You actually warned me. Good girl. I really love you. ☆

3/3 --
Leo: Hehehehe...  ♪ What, it's you, Anzu? I can't hear the sermon, you know?
... this piece of paper? It's my test answers I got back a little bit ago.
I don't need it though, so I'm writing on the back.

Choice A: Did you do well on the test?
Response A: Usually, you think someone's done badly if they write on the back of their test, right?
You might be the only one who can think that way.
It looks like you helped reformed the school, too, so it's no wonder why that Emperor likes you. ♪
Response B: Good or bad -- what's your standard for thinking that way?
The average? If I score higher, I did well; if I score lower, I did badly.
I don't really like thinking in terms like that.

Choice B: Did you do badly on the test?
Response A: Mm... I don't really care if I did well or not, see?
I guess you care, though?
Don't get locked by this boring reality! There's way more purpose in growing your imagination!  ♪
Response B: Are you the type who wouldn't let their parents see a bad test score?
Wahaha. Just now, you jumped, didn't you!
You don't talk much, Anzu, but your reactions really give you away. Watching you is fun. ♪
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