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Scene: Shopping District

Yuuta: There he goes. Now then. I'm gonna go buy the stuff I need for dinner and head home.
The market's cheaper than anywhere around here, so I think this is it for me.
Tsukasa-kun, Narukami-senpai, Anzu-san, catch you tomorrow... ♪

Tsukasa: Of course. Please take care.
... my lady, you live close to the school, do you not? I heard through the grapevine that the members of Trickstar often escort you home, one at a time.
There is no one from Trickstar here today, and thus, I shall take responsibility and deliver you home... ♪
Huh? There's no need for that? W-what do you mean? I wonder if you see me as unreliable...
I am a young man who has come of age. I can at least protect you alone, my lady...!

Arashi: Mm... it doesn't look like your request is the problem here, Tsukasa-chan.
It's just, she wants to burn off the calories from the parfait, so she's gonna go run a little around the park. Is that it, Anzu-chan?

Tsukasa: Hehe, what a fortunate turn of events. I do not think it would be enough to burn off the Calories I took in if I were to go straight home.
Exercise is truly the way to go. Jogging... ♪
My lady, you're grinning from ear to ear. Does my plan agree with you?

Arashi: Oh my! Anzu-chan, you want to have a competition to see who can race to the park the fastest?
That's fine and all, but if me and Tsukasa-chan are in it, we should have a handicap.

Tsukasa: Handicap...? Ah, I see. Narukami-senpai is in the track and field club, after all. One needs not even to think to know that the victor would be him.

Arashi: Right! And then it wouldn't be a race at all, you know?
Mmm... Tsukasa-chan and Anzu-chan, you guys can go first, and I'll wait five minutes before I go after you. How's that?

Tsukasa: I have no objections, but that seems unfair to you, Narukami-senpai. Five minutes almost guarantees a Loss for you. Perhaps three minutes would be more appropriate?

Arashi: If that's all you give me, I'll catch up to you guys right away. I've been in running mode all day today!
I'm amazing right now, you know? I don't even think Adonis-chan could beat me... ♪

Tsukasa: Meaning, you are full of self-confidence. I understand. We shall take you at your suggestion, Narukami-senpai.
My lady, are you ready?
Then, let's begin... ♪
Err, my lady. I understand it is rude to ask a question like this after you took off in such high spirits, but -- are you sure the park is this way?
There are only cars around here, so I do not understand the path we are taking.
Oh, you're sure this is the way? I'm relieved, then. You certainly do know the area around school well, don't you, my lady?
I believe that sticking close to you will ensure that I arrive at the park successfully. ♪
But this is no time to be gladdened. I have spoken in a manner ill-befitting of a knight who seeks to offer his sword in service of his queen. Please, find it in your heart to forgive me.
You have, then? I truly appreciate it... ♪
Hm? We slowed down to talk, and in that span of time, Narukami-senpai began to catch up to us...?
Ahh!? What is with that Speed of his...!? What unbelievable endurance... if we continue to idle about, he will overtake us!
I believe at this juncture, we should devote ourselves to running. No matter which of us arrives first, there shall be no hard feelings.
I went out with my Classmates, and I am engaging in a foot race. I have spent today acting very much like a regular student, haven't I?
I even met my lady while spending time with my wonderful friends. I, Tsukasa, am the happiest man in all of Japan... ♪
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