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Scene: Cafe

Tsukasa: However, I intended to pay by card, so how might you suggest we "split the cost" in this way?

Yuuta: Ah, in that case, I'll give you the cash for my part of the meal.

Mitsuru: Here, here! ♪ I'll give you my part too, Tsukasa-chan!
How much do you need? Mm... maybe this much?

Yuuta: Umm, if you put that much in, it wouldn't match up. Shouldn't it be like this?

Mitsuru: Right, right -- thanks, Yuu-chan! Here you go, Tsukasa-chan! ☆

Tsukasa: Hehe. Thank you very much, you two.

Arashi: And here's my part. Oh, my! Anzu-chan, put your money away!
Geez, did you forget why I invited you here? I took you to this cafe so I could thank you for giving me your point cards, right?
So I should be treating you, 'kay? Here, close your wallet -- and put away the cash we gave you, Tsukasa-chan.

Tsukasa: Please wait!
Narukami-senpai, you are not my Classmate, and as you helped me finish off the Parfaits I ordered, I cannot accept this!

Arashi: My my my. You're not just dutiful, Tsukasa-chan, but really and truly earnest. I wonder if this is where I'm supposed to praise you for being upright and knightly.
I may not be Yuuta-chan or Mitsuru-chan, but you've got no reason to treat me. Plus, it's a senior's job to treat their underclassmen.
I want to do the same as Yuuta-chan and Mitsuru-chan. ♪

Tsukasa: Hm. Is that how it is, then?
I understand. It is an underclassman's job to support their seniors. I shall do as you've asked, Narukami-senpai.

Arashi: Oh, gosh! You don't have to think too hard on it, you know?
I really wanted to treat everyone, truth be told, but after Mitsuru-chan and Yuuta-chan went through all that, I couldn't say anything.
Hehehe. You guys are so cute, it's causing me all sorts of problems! ♪
Ooookay. Once the bill's paid, let's get out of here. We can talk the talk while we walk the walk, right? ♪

Scene: Shopping District

Mitsuru: Whatcha guys gonna do after this? I've still got time, so if you wanna hang out...
Ah, my phone's vibrating. I guess I'm getting a call. Hello?
Nii-chan? Yeah... yeah... I'm right around the entrance of the shopping district. I was hanging out with my friends at a cafe!
I had this amazing parfait! ♪
Ahaha, next time I wanna go with Nii-chan and big sis! I know you'd love it, Nii-chan. ♪
Huh? Nii-chan, you're near the shopping district?
Okay! Once I say bye bye to everyone, I'll head over there. I'll see you later. 'Bye!
Sorry, guys! I decided I'm gonna go home with Nii-chan, so I'm gonna say bye bye here.
I had a lot of fun hanging out with all you guys at the cafe: Tsukasa-chan, Yuuta-chan, and even Arashi-chan-senpai and big sis Anzu. Would you guys mind if I invited you out again?

Yuuta: No, go for it! I can't really hang out when I have club activities or work, but any other time should be fine.

Tsukasa: I should be the one thanking you for inviting me. I managed to enjoy some skillfully-made Parfaits. It was a pleasant day. Tenma-kun, please be careful on your way back.

Mitsuru: You got it! Bye-bye, everybody!
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