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Scene: Cafe

Mitsuru: "Converse?" Arashi-chan-senpai, what does "converse" mean? Does he mean that really popular brand of shoes?

Arashi: To put it simply, it just means "to talk." He wants us all to get along!
Hehehe. Before we got here, Mitsuru-chan, Tsukasa-chan, and Yuuta-chan -- you guys were all having a blast talking to each other, right?
It's soo amazing that you went out with your classmates! It makes me want to go to my class and invite everybody to go out, too.
Making friends that are the same age as you is the best... ♪
I got to see Tsukasa-chan act his age for once, eat a delicious parfait, and even got help in getting a limited-edition prize! Today is the most perfect day ever... ♪

Mitsuru: Arashi-chan-senpai, that doll you just took out of your bag... is that the prize?

Arashi: Oh, aren't you sharp! That's right. It's a teddy bear! Isn't it just the cutest? ♪
The store's name is embroidered on its foot, but seeing it makes me fall in love with its cuteness all over again!
I finally got it after I gathered ten point cards. I worked really hard, you know!

Mitsuru: Mm... Arashi-chan-senpai, this toy kind of resembles Anzu-chan! Don't you think so?

Arashi: Huh? Isn't it kind of rude to say that to a girl?
It's cute and all, but there's not many girls who would like being compared to teddy bears, you know?

Mitsuru: Not the face, but the ribbon around its neck is like the one big sis is wearing! Look, the colour's even the same! ♪

Arashi: Hehehe. Now that you mention it, I've started to feel like its big, round eyes resemble Anzu-chan's!
Juuust kidding. Anzu-chan doesn't look like she knows what to say, so let's just drop it. ♪
Hah... thanks for the food. Anzu-chan, you totally finished your parfait off. Did you get enough?

Mitsuru: Big sis Anzu-chan says she couldn't eat another bite!
There's a ton, so even I can't eat everything here. Three parfaits are my limit.

Arashi: Three... you sure ate a lot. Actually, you ate too much! You're so small -- where do you put it all? It's a real mystery.

Mitsuru: Ah!? Arashi-chan-senpai, don't go poking my stomach all of a sudden! You scared me!
I almost exploded with wiener coffee! It's dangerous!

Arashi: Wiener coffee? Mitsuru-chan, you sure picked a mature drink to try.
Actually, I'm half-expecting you to have thought there would be hot dogs in it, or something... ♪

Mitsuru: ...!?

Yuuta: Oh, woah!
Hah... that was a close one. If coffee gets on your uniform, it's practically toast. Are you okay? Did you get any on you?

Mitsuru: N-no, I'm fine.
Arashi-chan-senpai, how did you know!? I can't hide anything from you! You saw right through me!

Arashi: Hehehe, are you sure it isn't because you just can't hide anything?
Well, we are in the same club. We spend a lot of time together, so I don't even have to think to know what you'd do. ♪

Tsukasa: I apologise for the wait, everyone. My call ran longer than expected...
I am not a child of tender years, so please have more faith in me.

Arashi: Now that I think about it, why'd you call your house, Tsukasa-chan? Were you letting them know you'd be late?

Tsukasa: No, I told them I would be walking home today. I said as much many times into the receiver, but they continued to insist on picking me up... I managed to persuade them, but it was an ordeal.
But it was worth the effort. They will allow me to walk home today.
My servant was certainly shocked when I told them I had eaten Mango Parfait and Pudding a la mode...
At the very end, it was being told that I was planning to work off the Calories I had taken in too much of, and they acceded to my request. That was what saved me... ♪
It seems that Narukami-senpai and my lady Anzu both managed to finish their Parfaits while I was gone.
Yuuta-kun seems to have finished his Curry as well, so let us pay.
Hm, there is no bell on the table with which to call the waitstaff. Given that is the way one pays at the school cafeteria, I do not understand the system here too well.
... hm? What's wrong, my lady? I see. We do not call the waitstaff to our table to pay.
Umm, we should be able to pay at that register over there, then...?
First things first, then. I shall pay for this meal...  ♪

Mitsuru: Woah, woah! I'll pay for my part!
I have some pocket change, and that's why I invited Tsukasa-chan and Yuu-chan out. Getting treated here would be putting the cart before the horse!

Yuuta: That's right! I have to pay for my part, too. I didn't come here to make you pay for me. We're friends, so splitting the cost is natural! ♪

Tsukasa: Splitting the cost...? That must mean, to pay for the meal with your own money, correct?

Yuuta: Right! I wouldn't feel right letting you treat me, and if I was gonna make you, I'd want it to be at a time when you'd be paying me back! ♪
When you owe me a favour, that's when I'll come knocking, okay?

Mitsuru: Exactly! Splitting the cost as friends feels great. ♪

Tsukasa: Hehe, is that so? Splitting the cost as friends... I shall put that into practice as well... ♪
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