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Scene: Cafe

Tsukasa: If you'd like, you're welcome to some, Tenma-kun. I did order every kind of Parfait to satisfy my curiosity, but there truly is a great amount to handle...
It does not seem like I could finish them all on my own, so I would greatly appreciate your help. ♪

Mitsuru: Are you sure!? Tsukasa-chan, you're so nice!
I'll never forget this for as long as I live! Munch, munch. ♪
'mazing! It's so good, it melts in my mouth!
O-oh no! If it melts in my mouth, it'll glue my lips together!
But that just means it's that amazing. ♪ Do you want some, Yuu-chan? You don't like sweet stuff, but one bite can't hurt, right?

Yuuta: Ugh... I guess it wouldn't, no. Ah, just not anything with whipped cream, okay? That ice cream over there seems alright. Munch munch. ♪
Woah, no way! Just one bite is making the spiciness and sweetness combine in my mouth! This might be bad!?
It doesn't look like I can do sweet stuff at all. I'll just be over here, finishing my curry.

Tsukasa: ♪~ ♪~

Mitsuru: Ohh... Tsukasa-chan's humming while he digs into the parfaits! He looks happy. He must really love sweet stuff. ♪

Tsukasa: Um... I have said it many times already, but this does not mean I am someone with a sweet tooth, okay?
I know I do not have much credibility, what with this many Parfaits spread out in front of me...
I merely enjoy simply-made candy... no, I have a great interest in them.
I am sure if you asked the head chef for a Parfait, they would make you one, but the Parfaits I ordered, in appearance and flavour, are an entirely different matter.
All one usually does is pile Ice Cream into a small glass, and add a charitable amount of Fruit in with the Gelée. I have never seen Fresh Cream towering on top... ♪

Mitsuru: G-gelée? What is that? Do you mean juice?

Tsukasa: Jelly... no, I mean j-jelly*. It is not simply used for sweetness, but in real cooking as well.
I myself prefer Parfaits made with a great amount of Fresh Cream, as opposed to those made with Gelée... ♪
However, recently, I have been warned by my seniors in Knights, as well as many others, not to eat too much...
"What if my seniors saw me like this" -- such is a worry I have.

Yuuta: Oh, you did mention something like that. This may be "off the beaten path," but we weren't ever told no other students from Yumenosaki come here.
Buuut, I might've just jinxed us.

Arashi: Anzu-chan, what do you think of this restaurant? Hehehe. This place feels pretty nice, considering we came in on a whim.
There's a table open by the window. Let's steal it before anybody else can. ♪

Tsukasa: ... w-wha--!? N-Narukami-senpai? W-why, why now, with this kind of Timing, has Narukami-senpai--!?
(Ugh... and my table is still crowded with so many Parfaits!
If he finds out I had planned to eat all of them by myself, he will most assuredly look down on me with his cruel gaze!)
Agh!? Um, ah, yes, this is the Pudding a la mode I ordered extra... you say?
(Now I'm in even more of a Pinch! I don't remember ordering Pudding a la mode at all... why, why has this--!?
... ah! I remember! When I ordered, I had also pointed at the Pudding a la mode.
Starting with the Parfaits, ending at Pudding a la mode... t-this is certainly the worst. I must think of an escape plan as soon as possible!)

Arashi: Hmmm... what should I get? Have you decided what you're going to order, Anzu-chan?
Hehehe, take your time! I can't decide either.
We also have to consider what time it is. The menu says "snacks," but if you order one, you might not be able to eat dinner, you know?
Which means we have drinks or desserts to pick from.
The pure maiden part of me wants to say I'd be fine with just a drink, but that'd be so vain, right?
I might go with the cake set! Anzu-chan, feel free to go with whatever your little heart desires. ♪

Tsukasa: (Cake Set...? Oh my, it has Gateau Chocolate. It looks good... ♪
N-no! I must escape from the clutches of sugary temptation, and conduct myself in such a way as to not draw Narukami-senpai's attention... ah. Is that my lady?
I was thrown into a tizzy by Narukami-senpai's arrival, but I wonder why my lady is with him?
It certainly seems as if they met up on the way home, and decided to stop by this cafe...
-- huh!? P-please wait a moment, self! If you consider this from a logical perspective, then this is clearly a Date, is it not!?
Did Narukami-senpai and my lady Anzu deepen their relationship when I was not looking? Impossible! Leader is one thing, but isn't this simply too fast!?
W-well, the situation with Leader was a misunderstanding on my part, and not at all what I thought it to be.
There's a large chance that I am mistaken about the nature of Narukami-senpai and my lady Anzu's relationship as well.
However, it is certainly true that they are currently out together. This is terrible! I wish they had included me!
-- no! If Narukami-senpai were to discover this situation I am in, not the least of which, my lady Anzu, I would die from the shame.)

Mitsuru: Hoo... I'm full from eating so many parfaits. Thanks a bunch! ☆
Huh? Is that Arashi-chan-senpai and big sis Anzu-chan? ... yeah, it has to be!
Arashi-chan-senpai, big sis Anzu-chan! Hey there! ☆

Arashi: Oh my, if it isn't Mitsuru-chan. Hehehe, what a coincidence. Oh, you have a bit of cream near your mouth, you know?
I'll let you borrow my handkerchief, so wipe it up, 'kaaay?

Mitsuru: Yaaay! Thanks, Arashi-chan-senpai!

Tsukasa: (Wha--...!? Tenma-kun called for Narukami-senpai!?
Right now they are busy conversing and haven't noticed me, but it's only a matter of time.
I should finish these Parfaits before they see me... ah! Even if I did, there'd still be traces left, wouldn't there?)
... agh!?
(I-I met my lady's gaze. It seems she's speaking to Narukami-senpai... but, she's coming this way! What should I do!?)

* -- Tsukasa reiterating the word in Japanese. See previous translation notes in Chapter 3.
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