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Scene: Cafe

Mitsuru: This is the cafe Ado-chan-senpai talked about?
The name was in English, so... we're probably right!

Tsukasa: This restaurant has a calm, pleasant atmosphere. It seems there are many customers here doing work.
I cannot find any customers dressed in school uniforms, as we are.
How strange, that there should not even be any other students here from Yumenosaki.
The restaurant did not present itself as particularly difficult to enter. I wonder if there's a reason for this?

Yuuta: It's probably just 'cause there's not a lot of students who know about it, right? I had no idea it was here, either.
I never figured there'd be a cafe like this on a road buried that far back.
This seriously is "off the beaten path." How did Otogari-senpai find this place, anyway?

Tsukasa: So that means, essentially, we have hardly any chance of seeing other Yumenosaki students here. ♪
Just once, I had hoped to have the chance to order everything sweet off of a Menu.
But at the school cafeteria, I have the other students' eyes upon me...
Were Knights to find out, they would surely be taken aback.
Ah, no -- I do not mean to say that it would be fine to do so, if I were not found out!
With you two, I feel there is no chance that you would go and reveal my blunder to others behind my back... r-regardless! I must clear my head!

Mitsuru: It's important to relax! I'm gonna run around to clear my head, too! Dash, dash! ☆

Yuuta: Mitsuru-kun, I told you not to do that! We're already seated, so you need to behave. Otherwise, we'll be bothering everyone around us.
If we get banned, it'll cause problems for Otogari-senpai, too!

Mitsuru: Aw... I can't cause trouble for Ado-chan-senpai!
I'm behaving and reading the menu, okay? Nnnnnnnnnnnn...

Yuuta: Thank goodness. I was worried there'd only be sweet things on the menu, but they have some snacks, too. I'm a little hungry, so I might order some curry.
What about you, Tsukasa-kun?

Tsukasa: Melon Parfait...?
Ah, but I am also interested in the Mango Parfait, and it is hard to turn down the Strawberry Parfait.
Seeing an overflowing bowl of strawberries stirs up the appetite... ♪
Mhm. They do say there is no use crying over spilt milk. I shall order everything that has grabbed my attention.
Yuuta-kun, I'll be taking everything on this Page of the Menu.

Yuuta: Huh, you're going to order and eat all of those parfaits? Do you even have enough money?
I can cover you if you come up short, but... I don't know if that would even be enough. Mitsuru-kun, how much did you bring with you?

Mitsuru: Mm... one thousand yen, two thousand yen... well, if I count the coins, I think I have about three thousand yen.
Ohoho! Aren't I rich! ♪

Yuuta: I've got about two thousand yen on me, so I guess that'd be enough.
Ah, but in that case, we wouldn't be able to order off the other menus... just getting parfaits would be tough on me. Not so much my stomach, but my spirit.

Tsukasa: Do you think we can use a Card at this establishment?
I do carry plain cash on me, but I usually pay by Card, so if I cannot use it here, I will not be able to order every single Parfait.

Yuuta: You've got a card? At our age?...
Ah, the waiter is coming this way. I'll ask him.
Um, can we use a card here? No problem? Thank you so much. ♪

Tsukasa: I can use my Card; what a relief. Then I shall order every single Parfait after all... oh! There's a Dessert Menu on the next Page.
Pudding a la mode...?
Pancakes...? Ah, soft bean jam as well! Marvelous... ♪

Yuuta: Ugh... I'm getting heartburn just from listening to you...
This is a cafe, so of course they'd be selling sweet stuff, but why is there so much?
The snack menu is only half a page long, but the sweets menu goes on for two pages...

Mitsuru: Aw... I'm sorry, Yuu-chan! I really should have looked for a different restaurant after all.
I didn't think they'd have this much sweet stuff on their menu. I underestimated Ado-chan-senpai's sweet tooth...

Yuuta: Huh? No, no. There are snacks, just not too many.
This cafe's curry sounds good, so I'm looking forward to it. ♪ Did you decide on what you want, Mitsuru-kun? Let's order together.

Mitsuru: Tsukasa-chan ordered sweet stuff, so I'm going to pick something different.
Mm... Wiener Coffee*? That sounds good, so I'll go with that!

Yuuta: Wiener Coffee*. Got it. Excuse me! We'd like to place our order.

Tsukasa: Melon Parfait.
Mango Parfait... huh? You couldn't understand me, so you'd like me to say it again?
F-forgive me. I hear it said often, but it appears I've forgotten.
M-melon... parfait, and mango... parfait... and strawberry parfait**, and... ugh. I'm wasting everyone's time, aren't I.
Please take Yuuta-kun's order first, and go from there.

Yuuta: Oh! In situations like these, you should just point at the first thing you want and scroll all the way down to the last thing. That's easier than just reading off the whole menu.

Tsukasa: I see. At the school cafeteria, you buy a meal ticket that says your order on it, so I am not used to this process.
This is my first time ordering something at a cafe, after all...
Then I shall adopt a more country method of doing things, and work to strength my friendship with my Classmate... ♪
Once again, then. On this Page... this p-page**, I would like from here to here, and on the opposite p-page**... yes, please add these to my order as well.

Yuuta: And we'd also like curry rice and one Wiener Coffee*, thanks. ♪
Phew! We've ordered now, so all we have to do is wait. I guess I'll drink water while I do. Gulp, gulp. ♪

Tsukasa: ...

Mitsuru: Tsukasa-chan, why are you staring at the register like that? See something you like?
I wanna know what it is!

: Something I like... you say? I seem to have found this strange spherical object, and I cannot help but to stare at it. Do you know what it is, Tenma-kun?

Mitsuru: Hm... I've never seen it before. Yuu-chan, what about you? Do you know what that is?

Yuuta: Nope! Let's ask someone on staff.
Ohoho. It looks like the constellations are drawn on the sides, and if you put money where your own horoscope is and spin the roulette wheel, you can get a fortune...?
I got it! Thanks so much. ♪

Tsukasa: Roulette... fortune...
How very interesting indeed. I would like to try it... ♪

* - More appropriately translated as "Viennese Blend," but this name is important in subsequent chapters.

-- Tsukasa is fluent in English and has a quirk where he spouts random words in the language. This can be hard for the people around him to understand; here, he struggles to give his order in Japanese so the waiter can understand him correctly.
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