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Scene: 1-B Classroom

Mitsuru: It's after school! I'm free! Dash, dash! ☆
(Hehe. ♪ Nii-chan gave me extra spending money! I'm rich!
No matter how much bread I buy, I'll always have money left to spare! Ohoho, I'm a millionaire. ♪
Ra*bits doesn't have any activities planned today, so I'm going to go shopping!
But... sure, I could eat desserts in style at the cafeteria, but wouldn't it be better to go get real food down at the shopping district?
Yeah, that's what I'll do! And I'll invite everyone else, too!
"We're all in the same boat..." is what I was thinking, but it's different! Anyway, I'm pretty sure if we all eat together, the food'll be a hundred times more amazing!)

Sora: Haha~, HuHu~♪

Mitsuru: Sora-chan, found you! Dive... ☆

Sora: Woah, you surprised Sora! Mitsu-chan, what's wrong?
Sora and Mitsu-chan are friends. If there's something bothering you, let him know, okay? ♪

Mitsuru: I'm fine! Actually, I got some pocket change, so I was going to go eat down at the shopping district! Sora-chan, wanna come?

Sora: HoHo~, too bad! Sora has business at the Game Research Club! HeHe~, so he can't go with Mitsu-chan to the shopping district! Sorry!

Mitsuru: If you've got stuff to do, I don't mind! By "Game Research Club," you mean club activities, right? Do your best! ☆

Sora: HaHa~, thanks! Sora's gonna get going. Bye-bye, Mitsu-chan!

Mitsuru: (That's too bad, but I'll invite Sora-chan out some other time!
The only other students left here are Shinobu-chan, Yuu-chan, and Hime-chan! Okay, I'll ask them. ☆)
Shinobu-chan, Shinobu-chan! If you've got time, wanna hang out at the shopping district?
I got some extra spending money, so we could even go to an expensive store! ☆

Shinobu: A-are you asking me to join you, de gozaru? I am in the same class as Tenma-kun, yes, but that hardly means we are kin, de gozaru.
I don't understand your purpose in inviting me, so I am ill-at-ease, you know? De gozaru.

Mitsuru: Oh... am I bothering you? I haven't spoken to you much, after all, Shinobu-chan.
We can use this chance to talk lots! Ohoho! ♪

Shinobu: Ahh, you are quite forceful, are you not? De gozaru.
You are not a bother, and rather, I would say this is a pleasure, de gozaru. But I have a lesson planned with Ryuuseitai, de gozaru.

Mitsuru: Aw. If you've got lessons, then I can't force you to come with.
I'll stop. But I'll ask you out again next time, so I'd love if you came to hang out! ☆
(Oh, Hime-chan's about to go home. I need to ask him quick! Dash!)

Tori: AH! Don't shout my name! You scared me!
... so, you've got a reason for calling out to me, right? I'm a noble, you know, and I'm busy! Make it quick!

Mitsuru: Blah, blah, blah... let's hang out at the shopping district!

Tori: I DID say to make it quick, but didn't you just take out all the important stuff? Mm... so basically, you want to hang out with me?
I don't mind hanging out with commoners once in a while, but I've got stuff to do at the student council. I can't.

Mitsuru: Aww... Hime-chan turned me down, too. But if it's student council work, I get it. I won't be selfish!
(Tsukasa-chan... already went home, I think. Yuu-chan's the only one left. If he turns me down too, what'll I do?...
But I can't be a coward! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Dash! ☆)
Yuu-chan, if you've got time, hang out with me! Or... are you busy?

Yuuta: Mm... all I have to do is make dinner when I get home, so I can go.

Mitsuru: Really!? So you're going to hang out with me, Yuu-chan! I'm so happy! ♪

Yuuta: Ahaha, you're so dramatic, Mitsuru-kun. I had my headphones on, so I couldn't really hear what you were saying, but you got extra spending money or something?
And you were trying to invite a bunch of people to go with you, right?

Mitsuru: That's right! I did well on the test the other day, so Nii-chan gave me some as a reward.
Look, thiiiis much!

Yuuta: Your big brother really spoils you, huh. I'm jealous that you get rewards like that... ♪

Mitsuru: It's 'cause I usually do pretty bad, but this time, I just barely passed! He was so happy. Actually, Nii-chan and Nee-chan were both so happy they were crying. I wonder why?
But I'm glad I didn't fail, either. Sensei's lectures are scary...
I got told to "keep it up and do well on the next one," so I guess he was happy, too. ♪

Yuuta: Even when I do well on tests, my dad doesn't praise me... well, my big brother always tell me I did a great job.
But you wanted to hang out somewhere, right, Mitsuru-kun? Did you already have somewhere in mind?

Mitsuru: Well...
Ah, now I remember! There's this cafe that Ado-chan-senpai recommended to me in the shopping district! I wanted to give it a try, so let's go there! ♪

Yuuta: A restaurant Otogari-senpai recommended... so basically, a place that specialises in meat? Well, no -- you said it was a cafe... so they can't JUST cook meat, right?

Mitsuru: Hm... I feel like he must've told me they have good parfaits. I forget, but I'm sure we'll figure it out if we go!

Tsukasa: Oh my? Tenma-kun and Yuuta-kun, you're both here.
I'm the one in charge of cleaning the classroom today. If possible, I'd like to ask you to leave, so that I may lock the room up...

Mitsuru: Oh, it's Tsukasa-chan! You're in charge of cleaning today. Right! Come with us and get parfaits in the shopping district downtown, Tsukasa-chan!

Tsukasa: A parfait...? That certainly sounds alluring. I've sorted out the ledger -- all that remains is to lock the classroom. After that, I had plans to spend a few minutes with my club, but...
We have nothing planned for today. In addition, Knights have no Lessons lined up. If you would have me, I would gladly accompany you... ♪

Mitsuru: Awesome! Tsukasa-chan, Yuu-chan, you're both coming with! Let's get tea at that cafe! Ohohoho! ♪

Tsukasa: I look forward to it as well. I have been to the shopping district on my own before, but I have never been there with a Classmate...
What sort of restaurant will it be? My breast swells with excitement... ♪ 
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