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Scene: Hallway

Tomoya: U... ugh... I-I really don't want to do this! I need to get away!...
Nii-chan, are you sure we can't run!? I mean -- please reconsider! Borrowing props from that masked freak is suicide!

Nazuna: I might be in the same class as Wataru-chin, but he's not that scary, you know? Well -- he is one of the Three Oddballs, so I guess he's kind of weird.
But when I asked him, he said we could use his stuff.
Even though it's this late in the game, he didn't turn us away. Relax. ♪

Tomoya: T-that's not what I mean! I'm worried about something else entirely!...
It's the fact that that masked freak helped us out without any strings attached!
I was sure he was going to come up with all sorts of excuses to force me to cross-dress, or something! Huh-- is he hiding beneath the stairs and watching us?...
Yeah, I'm sure that's him! Darn you, you masked freak!
Or maybe he glued himself to the ceiling and he's waiting for us to walk by?
N-nii-chan, let's go back! It's too dangerous to go on...!

Nazuna: Tomo-chin, calm down. I know the gist of it from Hajime-chin: you're not too good with Wataru-chin, right?
Wataru-chin says he likes you, and he just wants to mess with you a little... but from your perspective, it's not "a little" at all.
Wait here, Tomo-chin. If something happens, go back to the studio. And anyway, once I have the props, that's where I'll be going too.

Tomoya: N-no, Nii-chan! I can't leave you to take care of all of that by yourself! I don't want to see that masked freak, but...
I think he'd be happy to see me run away. He'd have fun chasing after me... ugh! He really is scary!
But, anyhow. I'll go with you, Nii-chan. I'd be scared on my own, but with you, I've got the power of a hundred men. ♪

Nazuna: That so? That's what makes you Tomo-chin... ♪ -- oh! I got carried away with the topic at hand. I can see the drama club room now.
Wataru-chin, we're coming in.

Scene: Drama Club Room

Tomoya: C-come at me! I'm not going to run and hide!...
Huh? He didn't come falling from the ceiling, and he's not stuck to the back of the door, either...

Nazuna: Mm... looks like Wataru-chin isn't here. He left a note on that table over there. "I have some business to take care of, so use this room as you see fit. ☆"

Tomoya: T-thank God...! Nii-chan, let's get the props and get out of here before he gets back!

Nazuna: Ahaha, you're scared witless, aren't you, Tomo-chin? Well, Hajime-chin and the others are working on the Knights' costumes in the studio, so...
What we need is fairy costumes for Ra*bits to perform in.
I'm sure we could make costumes for ourselves with what the Knights have in the studio, but. We're going to be fairies, except we need feathers.
So, Tomo-chin. Mind looking for anything with feathers on it?

Tomoya: Got it!

Nazuna: (But anyway, this place is kind of a mess. Is Wataru-chin bad at picking up after himself?
Mm... what's this? A sickle? Ah. There's a ton of fake food like apples and strawberries packed in boxes over here.
You use this stuff in theatre too, I guess...)
(There's a tinier box I can clutch at the bottom of this one. It keeps making this rattling noise. Is there something inside?)
Ngh -- I can't get it open!


Woah! F-fur real!? Something jumped out of the pawx...?
Ugh! Is this one of Wataru-chin's pranks? It scared the kwap out of me...!

Tomoya: Nii-chan! Is everything alright!?

Nazuna: Ah, Tomo-chin. When I opened this box, this doll thing flew at my face and I ended up screaming.
The drama club's even got these prank boxes lying around, huh?

Tomoya: O-oh, I see. I was worried he'd pulled an even worse prank on you.

Nazuna: Huh? It gets worse?

Tomoya: Mhm. See, there's masks on the wall, right? If you touch them, the chairs start spinning, and there's a bunch of other pranks hidden around, too. Please be careful.

Nazuna: Y-yeah. What is this, a prank house? There's really no need to go this far, right...?
Well, whatever. We've gotta look for props with feathers on them. Did you find anything yet, Tomo-chin?

Tomoya: Oh, yes. Will this work?

Nazuna: Oh! Perfect! Let's get enough for a few people and go back to the studio. ♪

Scene: Studio

Hajime: ... ♪

Arashi: Oh my, looks like you're having fun humming to yourself. ♪ Hajime-chan, that costume you're working on is for Undead's butler cafe, right?
It must be hard, working on our ballet costumes as well. Let me help you out. ♪

Hajime: Ehehe. Narukami-senpai, you're so kind. But I'm alright.
I'm the one who asked, but getting help from somebody else would be rude.

Arashi: Oh, really? You can ask Onee-chan to spoil you at any time, okaaay? Hajime-chan's such a nice boy.
Well, not that I can talk. We're going out of our way to give our sweets to Undead, after they fix up its appearance.
But don't worry. I didn't tell them what we're doing.
We're allies for right now, so I can't tell them without asking you Rabbits boys, you know?
If you decided you didn't mind, though, that'd be the end of that story.
I immediately told them it was a secret. I wonder if it's because I want to be a mysterious kind of girl...?

Nazuna: Arashi-chin, Hajime-chin. Thanks for waiting. ♪

Tomoya: We're back.

Arashi: Welcome home. ♪ Hehe, it looks like you managed to get the props without any problems.

Hajime: Wow! It's like they have real feathers. Cute... ♪
I'll go put these on the costumes right away.
... ♪
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