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Scene: Studio

Nazuna: I-is anyone here?

Arashi: Oh, you're finally here! You don't visit a lot, so I was worried you got lost.

Nazuna: S-sorry. I ran into the transfer student on the way here, and when I asked her what was up, it turns out she had business here too...
It's what you called her about, right, Arashi-chin?

Arashi: Hehe, the transfer student is a producer, after all. It's no big deal if we tell her what's going on with us, you know?
So, once again, Nazuna-chan, transfer student! Welcome to our castle. We're delighted to have you. ♪

Nazuna: And when did the studio turn into Knights' castle?...
Well, whatever. Thanks for having us. I was a little nervous, truth be told!
You Knights haven't been too well-liked since that thing with DDD, but you're still a crazy strong unit.
We Ra*bits are a newbie unit who haven't accomplished anything special. From your guys' perspective, Knights have nothing to gain by working with us.
But, looking at it from the perspective of where Knights stands right now... I was half-excited, half-nervous about asking.
Since Arashi-chin's in a good mood, can I guess you guys are going to help us out?

Arashi: Geez, Nazuna-chan! You're so impatient. But, yes. That's right.
We're going to support you new guys, Ra*bits.
And while we may be a strong unit, helping out newbies will help us appeal to a lot of people as being kind and caring.
And while Ra*bits may be a new unit...
Being acknowledged by a strong unit will give you guys a chance to improve your standing.
So if you think of it that way, working with Ra*bits gives us a lot of options. It's not a bad deal for Ra*bits either, right?

Nazuna: Bad? No way. It sounds great. ♪ But thank God. I was worried the whole way here that you were going to turn me down.
Now, Ra*bits can participate in the school festival. I'm really grateful, Knights... ♪

Izumi: Well, looks like we've got to get involved with Ra*bits for this. -- if I wasn't suspended from club activities, we wouldn't have to work with other units in the first place.
You reap what you sow, I guess, so I'm not going to complain. It'll be annoying if you guys get carried away, so I'll warn you now.
You won't get a second chance to work with us Knights if you do.
Don't drag us down. We're not nice guys who'll forgive and forget your mistakes, Mr. Doll.
We're not idols as part of some charity work.
If you consider yourself a representative of what idols can be, then don't ride on our coattails. Help us out, too.
Bounce around like the bunny you are and liven things up. Oh, now there's an idea! Sure sounds like the perfect role for Rabbits, huh?

Nazuna: U-ugh... Izumi-chin is such a bully. Your personality is horrible, you know?
But, you have a point! We'd be doing Knights a disservice if we just let you carry us along. We're going to do our absolute best in the school festival.
So work together with us! Just like this!...

Izumi: Wa-- don't bow your head! Where's your self-respect? Do you have any pride?
... goddamn. This is a mess. Fine, whatever. Nazu-nyan's pretty serious, I guess.
I know you wouldn't just come to us randomly for help, so.

Arashi: Hehe, you look relieved too, transfer student. Oh, you think it's a producer's job to help settle disputes, too?
Geez, girls shouldn't get involved in fighting scenes. I worry, you know, since there's a part of you always ready to push yourself too hard...
"But let's decide what the program should be..." -- you say. You're so quick to shift gears, transfer student. I appreciate it. ♪

Nazuna: Right, the most important thing! There's barely any time before the school festival, so I wanna decide today, if possible.

Arashi: Nazuna-chan's probably already heard the rumours, but we Knights can't do a live. So we were thinking of doing a performance outside of that.

Nazuna: Oh, right. I know.
Most units are going to be doing lives, but I've heard some of them aren't, actually.
So no need to be broken up about the fact that you guys can't do one.
I say that, but when you think idols, you think live performances. I can't really think of anything outside of that.

Izumi: It looks like this is going to take a while. Mind if I recharge? I might not be able to do lives or practice, but not exercising much is going to ruin my metabolism.
... ♪
What do you want, transfer student? Don't stare at me so intensely. It's gonna ruin my concentration. Go over there.
You think I look good doing this, but that's normal for models. Well, it's also 'cause I used to take ballet classes. It taught me the basics.
Say that again? "How about a theatre play inspired by ballet?" I mean, I have the experience, but Ra*bits don't have any, you know?
Even if Naru-kun says it's fine, Knights has Kuma-kun and Kasa-kun, and... even if they're flexible, who knows how good they are at expression?
Well, it's a performance for the school festival. It's not like we'd be doing serious ballet.
It means we've got to focus on pleasing the audience most? I'm not arguing, but...

Nazuna: I agree with the transfer student. ♪ Even though it fits Knights more than it does Ra*bits.
I'm the one who's asking you guys for help, so. If we're going to work together, I think Ra*bits and Knights should come together.

Izumi: We might decide on something else, but I can't think of any other idea that'd stand out as much on the stage besides a live.
Fine. Just this once, I'll be nice and teach you guys the basics of ballet. It's not something you can learn through simple observation, you know.

Nazuna: Now that that's settled, we better think of a program focusing on ballet, right? We've already come this far, so why not do something original?

Arashi: Sounds good. It'd make the audience happier, so let's think of something that suits us.
Hehe. For some reason, this has gotten really fun... ♪
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